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Originally posted by bacpac:

I have a Garmin 12 and my format is the same. The trick it to convert the WGS-84 map datum to the map datum of your map.


It is not a difficult trick, but one that is often overlooked.


This is what I need to learn. To post a

placed cache on the web site I need to show

the WGS84 format. How do I get that info

from my GPS unit? I've found cahces but only

by using long/lat. Little help.


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Guest bacpac

To change the map datum or coordinate system with a Garmin 12 press the page button until the Main Menu screen appears.


Select 'Setup Menu' option. Press ENTER and select 'Navigation'. Press ENTER.


Scroll up to the Map Datum option and press ENTER. Scroll through the options with the arrow key. Select the appropriate map datum and press ENTER. The map datum should be listed on the particular map you are using. The USGS Topo Maps that I use are plotted with the NAD 27 datum. Do the same for the Positon Format option.


My favorite position format it the UTM format that lists the coordinates in meters. Having the coodinates in a format that uses distance makes it easier for me. The UTM format is marked on USGS topo's as well.


If you place a cache using a map datum other than WGS-84 make sure you select the WGS-84 datum before recording and posting your coordinates on this site.


One of the best resources for begining GPSer's is http://joe.mchaffey.com


Then newsgroup sci.geo.satelite-nav is a good resource as well.


Good luck!



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