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Gpx / Map Files On Storage Card

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Only "kinda" geocaching related...


In the past, when I started GpxSonar or Pocket Streets on my Pocket PC (Toshiba e310 running PPC 2002) it would list the files on the SD card. I could then select the one I wanted to load.


Now for some reason, the only way I can load a pocket streets map is to go to File Explorer, view the file and select it. In other words, rather than start with the application then select the file, I have to do the opposite- select the file, which then launches the application.


Gotta be an easy reason, but darned if I can figure it out.


Any ideas?



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There is magic file whose presence or absence in the card's root directory determines which files are to be "seen" on the storage card by programs that use the OS's file dialog (such as GPXSonar). This file is an empty file named ignore_my_docs. If you have that file on your card, delete it. If you don't have it, create it. It should work one way or the other :D

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Hi all - thanks for the responses.


I cut / pasted the files from the root directory over to the My Documents folder, and both programs now work the way they used to. I know that in the past I had also deleted the "ignore_my_docs" file - I'll let that be as well.


Thanks for the help. That one was really bugging me!

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