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California Geocoins


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Coins arrived if Fort Bragg today. The coins are beautiful. It is clearly evident how much work was put into design, ordering and shipping. But to see the added travel bug packet just about did me in. You guys put a lot of time into this project and we appreciate that very much.

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My apologies to anyone who tried to watch any of the new coins. There was a bug where you would get notifications for all new coins if you watched one. That is fixed now. :(




P.S. I had to pretty much delete all watches on new coins, so you'll have to re-watch any that you are interested in.

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I added some editing capability to the site (to help me out, since I am currently the only one who can fix mistakes). You will now have the ability to edit or delete entries for about 24 hours from when you entered them. Let me know if you have any questions or problems.



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just in case anyone is interested, i ordered some air-tites cases for all my coins. they are pretty cheap from air-tites.com..


the 2004 ca coins and most similar sized coins, ie usa geocoin, joy of geocaching, etc.. fit rather nicely in the 38mm cases (morgan, peace, eisenhower dollar). now the washington and 2005 geocoins and probably all bigger military challenge sized coins fit well in the X6 X40mm military challenge coin capsules that are 1.6"


X6 X40mm Cases

38mm Cases


40mm cases are 70 cents each

38mm cases are 50 cents each


but they do require a $10 minimum when ordering... they also have all kinds of other cool stuff.

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Here's some news on the ca 2005 re-order:


the coins have been ordered and are anticipated around the middle of october.


571 have been sold leaving only 184 left for those who want them.


once again: this is the last order ever on this coin. don't be left wanting them


If you have ordered, check to make sure you are on the paid up list


Geocoin Paid List

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Perhaps it would be worth mentioning that these coins have been selling for $15.00 on ebay. The fools don´t know they can get them for less than $5.00 here :unsure:

quite interesting isn't it? I have a matching pair of 2004 and 2005 ca geocoins that i plan to put on ebay just for fun....they are below 30 in the numbering.


Updated the paid list...




Only 100 left...finally! I will be done with this.

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The tracking page needs some attention.  I see a few WNs getting 7-8000 miles on single hops within the continental US.

Yes, this is a side effect of Groundspeak not allowing coordinates to show up on pages if you aren't logged in, unfortunately. :lol: If someone doesn't enter the coordinates to the cache, it sometimes takes it as N00 00.000 W00 00.000, which is that big hop you see. I'll eventually get it all cleaned up, not to worry. :unsure:



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