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California Geocoins


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From http://calif.geocoin.net


Q: I missed the Dec. 15, 2003 ordering deadline. Is there anyway to still order this Geocoin?


A: To place an order, there must be a minimum order of 250. So if you missed the ordering deadline, email me (at: Bobkat92@AOL.Com) indicating how many Geocoins you want. If I get email indications for another 250 Geocoins, I will place another order in the late Spring or early Summer of 2004.

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How much do they cost? I would be interested...number depends on the price.

I had the same question and found the price (for last time anyway) on the order form of the same site... They were only $3 each, with a caveat that the price could bounce up 15 cents or so apiece if a lot of people chose payment via PayPal.


Yesterday afternoon I sent an email indicating that at ~$3 each I'd commit to ordering twenty. I'd encourage others to send email as well if they are sure they want some, we may be able to get the ball rolling this way.


If an order was definitely going to be placed (pending the minimum of 250 coins) I'd imagine that a forum thread asking for orders ("get 'em while you can") would generate a lot of interest.


- Dave

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bobkat92 says keep sending emails to him, he is probably going to begin ordering a second batch. hasn't been on the threads in a while....or caching either...trying to get him off his butt and get busy with caching.


......bobkat92 is pouting because his warning meter is at 10% and he wants it to be reset :back:

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......bobkat92 is pouting because his warning meter is at 10% and he wants it to be reset :back:

I think Bobkat92 can take a certain amount of pride in that 10%. He earned it for a good cause :lol: He certainly has my undying admiration for seeing the project through to completion :o


I'll have to mull over how many more coins I need :P

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I think Bobkat92 can take a certain amount of pride in that 10%. 


Yes, he certainly does...


He certainly has my undying admiration for seeing the project through to completion  :back:


been there every step of the way.


Bob and i had talked about the creation of a second CA Geocoin that symbolized more of California...famous places, people, events...haven't revisited this topic with him in a while.....perhaps...

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Regarding CA Geocoins....I am helping out Bobkat92 to get this thing on the road again. Bob is currently dealing with personal stuff. He will be forwarding all the emails for orders to a new email i set up for this purpose.


Pressed metal has raised their prices. the good news is that the die is already made so there is no fees for that. i will be contacting them and Bazzle from the Oregon thread to talk about current prices. Hope to get the prices down....we will have to see what is what.


For those that want to order CA Geocoins, send a email of how many to



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Got an email from pressed metal today about pricing


500-999 coins for $1.43 each w/out numbers, $1.73 with numbers


little confused with shipping prices and customs charges, so i'm working on finding that out...


Bazzle from the Oregon thread says that shipping prices were $60 and customs charges were $85.


that would make the coins ab about $2.02


If we would like to get the nice Air-Tite cases (hard cases) for then then add $0.30, but we have to get them for all 500 to get this price.


price per coin with air-tite cases is about $2.32


Shipping from me to you, if required, will be extra. I will try to set up distribution sites like Bob did throughout the state. If not then i will quote a price to each individual i have to send them to.


pressed metal is taking the first 2 weeks of august off so they won't be minting during that time. a good timeline could be have the money and order in by end of september and the coins hopefully middle of october.


that's about all i have at the moment

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Ok! here's what i'm gonna go with:


Pressed metal is quoting $75 for shipping and Bazzle is stating $85 for customs...add that together =$160


coins with number $1.73 each


then calculate the shipping/customs in:


brings the cost of the coins to $2.05




if we want to get these hard Air-Tite cases for the coins, Bazzle says it will cost .30 more per coin. (still checking with Bazle on this part)


That would make the coins $2.35....the question is...


do you want Air-Tite Cases?

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That would make the coins $2.35....the question is...


do you want Air-Tite Cases?

Air-Tite Cases are about $1 each at the store. So I would say yes. You should get them on the coins. We need to take pride in the coins and not let them get marked up. However this is just my 2 cents..


Richard of the Geo Crickets

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I like little plastic bags because that gives you a place to put a sticker for the tracking site. You wouldn't put a sticker on the case. And you can easily take out the coin to feel it, but it's a little harder if it's in a case. But if most people want them, .30 sounds like a good deal.

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Hmmm..... Pity that the trackng site URL isn't on the coin itself.


I agree with Nurse Dave, I'd prefer no case (I'd go use small plastic bags, which I think I already have) but will go along with the majority on this.


Based on the current pricing, I'd be in for 40 coins with case, or 50 without.

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the case issue: time to vote!


you can either post here on the forum or send an email to




just put in the subject line case or no case


deadline of Friday July 23, 2004 to get your vote in. i will tally up everything on saturday morning.


after that...its time for the order form and collecting the money!!!!!

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I'd say to go with the cases, but again majority rules.


Not to throw a wrinkly in things, but would it be possible to get pricing from PM about adding the URL on the coins?


Does anybody else want this?


Just a wish list....


I'll be good for 10-20 more no matter what.

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Price sounds good for me to get about ten coins. Good plastic bag is enough, I don't seen the need for hard cases. I missed the ordering last time and was a bit embarassed after getting credit on the website for suggesting Eureka!. It was really GreenAchers that suggested it, I just pointed out that it seem appropriate for Geocaching.

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California Geocoin – The Second Coming


Cost: $2.15 each


no case just edged out the case vote...so they will be put in bags.


Couple of things we need to work out.


1...last time we set up distribution sites throughout the state. Anyone interested in helping distribute the coins? looking for oregon, northern ca, any other area?


2. i would like to get the order form online in PDF format. don't have the program to do it. anyone out there that is willing to do this. i currently have it ready in microsoft word.




the dillon gang

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California Geocoin – The Second Coming


Cost: $2.15 each


Shipping will be an exact change (see the form on the next page for details).

Each coin will have a unique California design with an individual tracking

number on one side and the official Groundspeak logo on the other side.


NOTE: Groundspeak, myself, or any one else will NOT be making

a profit from the production & sale of this Geocoin. All the money

collected will go to covering the cost of minting, shipping the coins,

customs, bagging and labeling at our end.

  • Payments will be taken via check or money order.
  • If you wish to use PayPal to send the money, use cageocoin@earthlink.net as the Recipient's email

Make Checks or Money Orders Payable to: “Steve Dillon”


Mail Orders to:

Steve Dillon

8638 Anrol Ave

San Diego, CA. 92123


Note: Checks & Money Orders will NOT be cashed until after

September 1, 2004.


Order deadline will be August 25, 2004.


Distribution of these Geocoins will be in late September or early

October, 2004.


*** When mailing this order form to me, please also send me an email to:

cageocoin@earthlink.net to let me know that it is coming.***



Click the link below to be taken to the page for the order form:


Order Form for CA Geocoin

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