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Geocaching Carrying Case

LR Max
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Good morning all,


I have been using a Garmin 176C (yea, I know, its a big, heavy unit but its all I gots) for all of my GPS needs. As of late, it has been travelling with me when I am out of the truck and into the woods. I've been carrying it in my pocket but that is a lot of weight and it makes things more difficult. I was over at Bass Pro and for 10 bucks I bought this thing called the "Ultimate GPS carrying case". Its a nice setup, but its still too small since my GPS just BARELY fits in it. Its a bear to try and get it out.


Therefore, I am searching for a new pouch for my Garmin. I did a Froogle search and didn't come up with anything so I thought I would post here to see what everyone thinks. The unit is 3.4"H x 6.18"W x 2.25D (found on Garmin website) so I would like something with a little more room since I use the little dust cover a lot. I'd prefer it to be camo but black or green will work too. Needs to be able to keep rain and dirt out of it (within reason) and durable. I will be carrying it on my belt for the most part and a large belt loop would also be good.


Anyone out there have any reccomendations? Thanks


Max T.

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My father has a GPSMAP 196 (I believe it's the same size as the 176). I took it to Walmart and found a perfect case for it in the hunting section at Walmart, and yes it was camo.


I wanted a bag for his antenna, dash mount, and other accessories. I found the perfect bag in the purse section at walmart. The small camo case an all the cords, etc. go into the 'purse'.


If you see my father, don't tell him his GPS flight bag is a purse. Or is that a Man-bag? :)

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I use The Ultimate GPS Case...it holds my large MeriPlat with no problems.




Isn't that the same model he said he got but isn't big enough for his Garmin 176C?



If you have an REI in your area I would stop by there. They're and outdoor outfitter and seem to have every kind of case you could want. They aren't specifically made for GPSs but they should work.

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Isn't that the same model he said he got but isn't big enough for his Garmin 176C?

:) Oops...maybe I should read the entire post before responding! :)


Try looking at camera bags...there are a variety of sizes, plus they usually have a bunch of pockets/compartments for accessories.

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Ok, this is going to sound odd, but there is this store near me, and it is one of two places that has incense near my house (within a mile!) and the other is a cigarette shop, with some spooky older men sometimes....soooo that aside, in this store, I noticed that they have padded cloth bags that range from eyeglass case size to about twice that, for holding some of the glassware the store sells. They caught my eye because the fabrics were bright and some were GPSr sized....almost bought one, but then just got my incense and left.


I bet it would work, and stylish too. Also, imagine the look on a cop's face when he sees the bag on your car seat, after stopping you to tell you what a great driver you are (courtesy stop :D) and thinks it has the usual contents, Only to find a GPSr.....I would die laughing. I just know it.

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Our family found a belly bag (Its black with reflective sewn into the front) that our unit fits into. It works out really great because there is a zippered pouch that runs the length of the bag for papers (All of our printed off cache sits with logs and info), there is a front zippered pocket (We store some pins in it that we leave at caches), 2 small side compartments and the regular front zippered larger pouch. We store our unit and bigger trinkets in there.


ANyway. Saw this thread and thought I would put in my 2 cents!

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I have the Garmin version of that bag and it is great for storing the GPS while in the truck or in the house but not while walking in the woods. I suspect I'll go raid the Wal-Mart tomorrow and see what I can find. I guess I was over thinking it <_< . I was hoping that I could get a neoprene cover from Gilsson for the 176 but they don't make it.




Cute :P . The only problem is that rig is a little bit too big. You ever ride in one of those things? You and the next 10 guys get hit by some pretty big branches! (Helmets are good) Besides, I already gots a vehicle:




Here is my ye olde Land Rover. Its the longer wheel base model which sometimes makes getting through the tight sections a little tricky but it makes up for it in significant increase in utility. It can hold its own, and if not the 12,000 lb winch can :lol: .


Max T.

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