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Pocket Query Troubles

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Twice in the past month, our PQs have contained erroneous information. The first time, I got caches for another state (CA instead of AR) and today my PQ contained only four caches (one in Missouri and three in Illinois). The first time this happened, it cleared up the next day without me changing anything. Anybody else having these type problems?

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Anybody else having these type problems?

Yep. At least three times now, I've had a query return with data in MN instead of NC.


Unfortunately by the time I noticed that the GPX was corrupt, I had already deleted the e-mail, so I couldn't return it to Jeremy for troubleshooting. It seems to affect only the last query that I created (on 5/14).


Looking at my archived GPX files, I got bad data on 5/23, 5/24, and 5/28, but there could have been more.



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I can tell immediately which ones are bad by the size.  The good ones are around 1.5 MB, while the bad ones are usually around 10-15 KB.  It seems to be happening to me about once a week...

Same here ... I had it happen again today, but it was a different PQ than before!


I reported the error to Groundspeak on June 7th, but have had no response.


I've also asked my local approver to link to this topic in the Approvers' Forum so that it might get some attention.

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