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Phish Fans In Tampa?

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Hey folks, I don't think there are many Phish fans on here, but I thought I'd ask! I have a travel bug, Gone Phishin' Again, that I was sending down to Big Cypress in Florida. It's presently in the Tampa area. But it occurs to me that it would be really nice if someone could take it up to the last Phish show ever in Coventry, Vermont this August, since I can't go myself. Please, please, please?



Raleigh, NC

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Ok as A fellow phish fan If this Travel Bug come in my reach It will have a very good chance it will make it for the final show. I know at least a half-dozen other buddies who already got their ticket for the show, purchased the night phish decided to call it quits. Not only will the bug have a great chance to get there but I can have its pic taken and I'll post them after the show. These people I know haven't missed a show on this side of the us, so if it comes to upstate NY I can help it on its way. I checked the bugs web page you should change its destionation to head up north. times running out. oh I got it on my watch list so I'll be trackin it.

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I know you used to be local to the Raleigh Area. In fact I think I remember meeting you at the Too Cold To Cache Event.


I just bought my ticket to Coventry Saturday. Big Cypress was awesome but I think this is going to beat it (even if its half as long)!!!


So if you are looking for someone to take the TB to VT and you can get it up around Raleigh I'll be happy to take it for you.


This is definitely the end of an era.


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