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I have tried for a long time to come up with something not expensive to me but still worthy of a FTF prize that would work. Would it be dumb to offer the FTF a CPR class for two free of charge to be used within say three months of finding? It would be something worthwhile that I could give, something that we all should know, and something not everyone is offering. Or is this just a dumb idea and I should go back to putting gold dollars in there?

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Sounds like a very creative ftf prize. However, to some people it could seem like a prize with a 'catch'. On the one hand you get free CPR lessons, on the other you must now find time in your busy day to take advantage of the free lessons.

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I would pass on the class.

meaning you would pass the class on to someone you know who needs it or pass on taking the class. Yes, I would give the class.

My question would be,


Are you a certified instructor. Cause I mean I'm first aid certified through the red cross, and I probably know enough to teach someone, but I'm not certified.


My brother on the hand is 100% as an instructor and whenever he needs some cash, (for christmas shopping or something) he'll teach a few classes at the local red cross chapter where he's on their part time pay roll...

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Good idea. I'm certified in advanced first aid and CPR, but wish that others were familiar with the practice.


You may never know when you will have to help out in a situation. Will you know what to do?


Those classes are important and worthwhile. I wish it was mandatory for companies to appoint or ask for volunteers like we do in our occupation.


Being familiar, I would encourage others to participate. :blink:

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Its something that is really cool idea....


To be honest I often think about taking classes since I have two little girls 4 and 1.5 yrs old. I never got around to it.


I have had CPR classes in high school but has been over 15yrs since then. If something came up I'm going to try to do the best I could but wouldn't feel comfortable about my skill level.


I know I'm not going to get my butt in gear to find classes in my area but if it was a FTF i'd be all over that.......

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Would it be dumb to offer the FTF a CPR class for two free of charge to be used within say three months of finding?

When you hide your cache, please make sure it is near Tucson Arizona.. I want to retake the class since I have not had it in over 11 years and I would find it a lovely and worth racing for prize :rolleyes:


If you cannot hide it near Tucson, give me a days notice before it goes live and send me a plane ticket :lol: I will come hunting it happily.

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