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Gsak, Easymps, Easygps,cachemate???

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I need quick and dirty help in choosing what I want to use for my new 76CS.


Here's what I historically used with my old 76s:

* EasyGPS to download caches.

* Mapsource to manage my waypoints, routes, maps, etc.


NOW, I have a 76CS (and don't plan to incorporate the palm and don't have a premium membership)

* I do have a serial cable as well as the USB cable.

* What 's the best software for getting as much cache data, descriptions, etc. into the 76CS?

* Seemless, avoiding as much multiple applications as possible.

* EasyGPS still works. Is there something better I should use that would REPLACE Easygps?

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You need a premium membership to gain access to gpx files in order to have the "extra" information such as cachenames in the comments. Since you are limited to using loc files, I don't think you can do any better than the setup you've been using with EasyGPS and MapSource. I think Waypoint names and coords are about the extent of the information you can move around automatically using loc files.


You *may* be able to get a little more information through GSAK (which draws upon GPSBabel power) to generate smartnames, but I think the lack of gpx information doesn't really offer you much more. Someone with more direct experience working with loc files might be able to contradict me.

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Hopefully within a week or so I will have a 76CS and I'll want to take full advantage of it's USB ability. I'm a big fan of GSAK but it does not as yet support USB. However if Clyde is true-to-form (and re-energized from his current vacation) this will be forth-coming in the not too distant future.

I would say use GSAK to open and manage your .loc downloads and export to Mapsource whenever necessary. How are you getting your waypoints from EasyGPS to Mapsource now?

GSAK offers a lot of options like filtering, adding notes, etc. that EasyGPS doesn't so you would get those benefits without adding any extra steps to your process.


Cheers, Olar

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The fact that GSAK doesn't always work with USB might not be an issue. I always export to MapSource and then transfer from MapSource to my unit. Granted, my unit is a GPS V so it would work with GSAK, but you get the point.


I tried the others and I'm most content with GSAK. Allows me to keep track of caches and not just transfer between formats. I think it's a terrific program.

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