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Kesäpäivä Valkeakoskella/summer Day In Valkeakoski

Reviewer Niatpac Nagrom
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I have updated again the cache page, main modifications are:

- changed a little the event coordinates

- added the coordinates of parking places


Please take your own food and drinks. There are cooking facilities, if you want to make a hot meal.


If you want to stay over night, take a tent.


- Olli -

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Wow! Already 43-48 people plus 1 dog will join this event!

Not forgetting the 23 travelbugs...and counting ;)

I'll take a chance to advertise my trip here too (sorry if anyone feels spammed)... That is, I'm traveling to southern Germany, Switzerland, northern Italy and Austria couple of weeks after the event, so if anyone wants a Travel Bug to go that way, I can give a lift. ;)

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