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Benchmarkers Along The Trail

GEO*Trailblazer 1

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Make plans now for your Benchmark Signature Event In your area.

I have put on 3 now and what a blast we all as benchmarkers and geocachers have been having on this Historic and once in a lifetime opportunity.


The NGS has asked us (geocaching.com) to help to put on an event at the Disc dedications.

These are Benchmarks and will be added to the data base soon.

Stephen Randall coordinator fot the Lewis and Clark Events




Told me yesterday the Disc at Harpers Ferry is now in the Data Base.

These Events are awesome and you should get to one even if you do not make it an event,it is well worth the time.


To add I found several very interesting marks along the Trail so far.

Tavern Rock Reset




Is the place Merriwether Lewis almost fell to his demise on the 23 May 1803,I tried to recover it on the exact same day 200 years later but was a day late.


JC0586 L 3


Another old interesting mark along the trail.

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GOOD JOB GEO*Trailblazer 1!! However I do not get to the second mark that you refer to when I look at JC0856 :lol:


I am very impressed with your persistance on Tavern Rock Reset though!! Way To Go Guy!! ;)


And thank you very much for setting up these Event Caches. I only got to two of them but, I certainly did enjoy them! I hope that others will participate along the trail West and back again.

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It has alot of eroded lime or some type of whitewash on (in)it.

it took me quite a while to figure it out.

the U and S are really deep but the rest has been flaking off from frrezes it appear to me,if you get a chance to check it out one of these days you will see what I mean.



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Sorry guy, I did not make myself clear! What I meant is that when I type JC0856 in the search box on the GeoCaching benchmark page, then I get the page for a 1935 disk: M 99 In MARIES county, MO. So do you have a typo on the PID? What is the PID for that great photo of that old USC & GS marking. Or I am doing something wrong here?


I would like to see your log and read the rest of the datasheet for that benchmark. ALso I am wondering where it is, in case I might get to visit it one day? BTW, I surely do appreciate your new camera -- your photos are now spectacular!

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