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Vancouver Decachelon 2004

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There is going to be a 2004 Vancouver Decachelon soon!




Last year, 11 local Vancouver cachers created a highly popular multi-stage cache series called Vancouver Decachelon. As a result of many requests to partake as a hider in future versions, we are pleased to announce the formation of the 2004 edition.


This year's version will be coordinated by canadazuuk and myself.


This year's series will be expanded to include more caches. As such, we need more cachers to hide the caches and be responsible for that cache.


Caches will be restricted to the Lower Mainland. Specific cache locations will be specified and assigned to participants in advance. You will have very little options as to where your assigned cache must be placed. Cache size will be specified as well as strict deadlines for cache page submission and of course, hiding the caches.


If you would like to participate, please email me the following information: geocaching username; general geographic area (municipality) where you live; and how far you can easily travel to hide/maintain your cache (knowing that the cache location assigned to you may be outside your immediate local area, but still in the Greater Vancouver area).


We will endeavor to select locations for participants that are as close to their local area as practicable.


Depending on the number of respondents, some cachers may be asked to hide more than one cache. Should more responds show interest in participating, we will have to limit the assignments on a first come first served basis.


As with last year, this thing will happen over a very tight time line. You must be able to prepare and hide a cache where we specify and create the cache page on the dates we require.


Also, as per last year, all participants are obviously eligible to hunt all the other caches in the series as they will only know where their own cache is.


This version of the Vancouver Decachelon promises to be the biggest multi-stage, multi-cacher, multi-geocache you or the local caching community has ever seen!


Don't miss your chance to be part of it.


info @ YOURHATgeocoins.ca

(To email, remove your hat)


You can view the topic at the BCGA website here.

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According to MrTally, we have about half of the participants required to make this a 'one hide per cacher' series.


Please take part and let MrG or myself know that you would like to!!

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