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Bragging Rights

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The thing I am most proud of is that I embarassed a cacher so bad with one of my Urban Micro caches he felt the need to name a cache after me. The Federation Must Pay (gcgx5d) by paintfiction. I did and so has everyone else who has done this cache in return for my deviousness. I guess the next thing would be that same cache started a whole new style of cacheing in our area it is called "Jacksonville Style". Actually Paintfiction's revenge cache is actually hidden Jacksonville Style.:P

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I once found a cache when I wasn't hunting for it.

We ran into another cacher during a hunt (she has over 1000 now), we found the cache, and she said she couldn't have found it without us (we have -200).

I did a cache that was 4.5 is terrain level.

I drank water from a bottle on the way to a cache.

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I'm proud of the fact that despite the fact that it was snowing this morning, I went swimming for a cache anyway. This was the first of 5 caches I found today. :(


I'm not so proud of the fact that I went swimming only because my canoe tipped over while I was climbing out onto unstable bog-ground... :D


I am proud however, that I ignored incipient hypothermia and went on to find the cache, make a log entry, and trade items before paddlng back to my car in the chilly wind. :D



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I'm proud of the fact that I've never posted in the "Abject Silliness" thread!


El Diablo

But have you been reading it?


I'm proud that I don't have the time to wade through all the past pages. :bad:



The thread has always annoyed me. However, after meeting mtn-man this past week and learning that he posts there, I may have to give it a closer look.


I'll get back to you and let you know what I think.


El Diablo

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That guy logscaler (may31 post) did 1300 finds? Now I really feel lame. I just got my seventh today, but that part isn't what I'm proud of the most. I'm proud that I haven't become discouraged by the odd looks from strangers, the complexity of my new GPS, the bee sting, the tick, the mosquito bites, the torn t-shirt, the poison ivy, the dead animals, the live animals, or the header I took down into a briar patch. Yeah, nature loves me, but not as much as I love geocaching/letterboxing...

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Hm... Not sure If I can Brag or not, but my first Bug is almost to 9000 miles, and in its

3rd or 4th country.....

My first (and only) travel bug hit three continents after it's first two hops, a total of over 19,000 miles :bad:

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Well, I know this doesn't compare to some people's bragging in here, but it's cool for me. Today is the 1 year anniversary of finding my first cache. A couple of days ago I hit 50 finds. I know 50 finds in a year is not a lot, but I'm still going to brag.



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I am proud that my enjoyment of this game has increased over the past 9 months. I am proud that other cachers enjoy my hides and that 3 of my 4 hides are unlike anything I have ever seen. I am proud to have met so many great cachers, most of them on the trail.


Most of all I am proud of my family and the time we spend together caching.


I am also proud that I didn't make out with old whats her face. She waited on me last night at Waffle House. The service was lousy and she had a visible infection on her serving hand. I am relieved and proud that I chose not to eat my food and went to Wendy's instead.

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I'm proud:


That I shelled out the 30 bucks

That I'm into quality rather than quantity

That I'm not scared to log DNF's

That my warning meter is at 0%

That my upcoming swag will finally rock!

That all my equipment and clothing looks like it's been to war and back

That disseminated Lyme doesn't keep me from hittin' the road

That I cache paperless

That I've turned about 6 people on to GCing

Oh, and that I had to turn that Laura chick down--she took it really hard, poor thing.



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hum today turned 4 people onto the sport. Had my daughter begging to take me out for more finds. hit 50 finds last week even though it dosent show up on my stats trust me i found them. went out with a vetrin didnt use my gps and still found 7 of the 10 finds that day. Oh and the big one i had a blast doing all of those.

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