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We Gotta Be Nuts To Drive North - But...

The GeoGadgets Team

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I know you all think that we've retired, but The GeoGadgets Team is making a speedy trip to Tualatin over this insane Memorial Weekend.


You see, I purchased a truckload of books from someone who is retiring from "the business" (web design) and instead of paying Fed Ex to ship them, the family and I decided it would be fun to drive up, pay exorbitant fuel prices and maybe do a bit of Geocaching along the way. We will be heading UP Interstate 5 and returning via the Coast (Highway 101).


So, I need recommendations for (1) a decent place to stay in or near Tualatin, and (2) about ten (or twenty) highly recommended (as in FUN) geocaches rated 1/1 up to 2/2 (we have to be fast, this ain't no disco!).


The need for speed arises from the issue that we MAY be returning with an aquarium's worth of freshwater fish, too. This means no seriously bumpy roads and we need to be home by Sunday night.




Lori aka: RedwoodRed

Shameless Plug

Crescent City, California (Where the Sewer Meets The Sea)

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I guess the Coast south of Bandon isn't so much of an issue... we've done most of the easy ones in that area.

I'm much more interested in caches from Grants Pass to Tualatin, and from Tualatin to Highway 101 and south to Bandon.


And I would REALLY like recommendations for lodging and good places to grub down while in the Tualatin area.


Thanks, though.


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