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Garmin 60c + New Ram Mount + Jeep = :)

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Sorry for the lousy picture, but I just got the new 60c RAM mount from MobileCX.com and installed it today and I didn't have the time to set up for better lighting conditions. I can post a better pic later but I figured that some folks would want to see what these look like.


I'm very happy with the RAM mount quality and versatility. This is the basic 3.5" arm setup - I would have probably gone with the 6" arm but couldn't bring myself to pay close to double the price for a somewhat longer arm!


- Dave



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So what do you think? I mounted my ram mount for my Ipaq similar to you but I had to stablize that peice of the dash the stock screws don't hold it firmly enough.


This is a picture of a ram mount adapted to hold a Arkon universal mount. I have since gotten a powered ram cradle and am very happy with it.


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So did you have to add a piece of support material underneath dash below the base? It looks very nice.


I used the wider base with mine, which I figured would help since I planned to have the arm out almost horizontal and because I wanted to spread the load on the plastic dash, then I used aluminum pop rivets with washers on the underside.


Is that a hint of a Tuffy overhead console that I see in the first image?

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I've used RAM mounts for years in my boats. They are top quality.


I just purchased the GPSmap 60C(S) RAM mount and I'm very pleased with how stable it is in my boat. The really wonderful thing is that since I've already got two 1" ball mounts installed on my boat, I didn't have to re-work anything to move to the 60CS.

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