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Condinsation Problems With Cache...

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This is the second time I've had someone visit my cache and mention a moisture problem. Down here we've been experencing 90deg weather with 60% humidities, and I'm betting that the plastic container is "sweating" and causing the water problems. Any idea on a solution? I've got too much in my cache to fit in an ammo can, and it still might sweat.


Nick T

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With only 60% humidity, I doubt it'd condensation/sweating. Find a better quality container, and you'll likely be OK. Not sure what you're using, but try something else. How big is the cache? Ammo cans come in several sizes, and there are other options, like "dry boxes".....

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If your cache is wet under conditions of 90 degree heat and 60% humidity a desicant bag will help you out for at least 2-4 hours. After that it will be saturated as well and will absorb no further. I agree with the prior posts that your cache is leaking or doesn't seal tight enough. You will only have have trouble with sweating in enclosures that seal totally air-tight and they are pretty hard to come by.

If you think your container is actually air-tight then you need to install a breather vent that will permit the exchange of air with the outside world. I know you can get these from industrial suppliers such as Hoffmann Engineering but have not a clue where else you might find them.

Highly doubt these will help you as fully suspect that your container is not totally water-tight.

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