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Gsak & Mapopolis

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Thought I should share the wealth. GSAK has been so helpful I thought I would try to post how I am setting things up with different programs so that

1) Others don't have to reinvent the wheel and

2) Other Others can show me how to build a better wheel :huh:


For Mapoplis I export a GPX file named




the "Waypoint Name (code)" does not really matter - I put in




with the following "cache description format (real cache name)"


%Name %Typ1(%Dif/%Ter)


Then I run the following batch file with the gpx file as the first parameter


gpx2mapopolis.bat sample


rem -- start of file


REM - output geocache Mapopolis csv file

gpsbabel.exe -s -i gpx -f %1.gpx -o mapconverter -F %1.txt

echo .

echo %1.txt needs to be converted...

echo Please type in %1.txt when the Mapconverter box pops up then hit 'begin'

echo .


REM - Convert the csv file to Mapopolis file

rem - command line arguments ignored



Rem - Install file



rem - end of file


hope this helps someone....

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Huh? What'd'ya say? :blink:


I've been using gpxtomaplet. It converts the gpx file created by GSAK to a Mapopolis maplet that I copy into my PPC. For a computer "wizard" like me it's about all I can handle. :lol:



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