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New kid on the block, and... ARGGHHH!


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Hello gang, this is my first post. I bought my first GPSr the other day: the eTrex Summit. Today I set out to find my first cache. I hadn't really planned on going when I did, but I had a photo assignment nearby, so I decided to go for it when I was finished with the assignment. It's a 3/1 cache, so I figured it shouldn't be *too* hard for a beginner. Anyway, things were going swimmingly until I got within 100 feet and the batteries went dead in the eTrex. I couldn't believe it, since the unit has only been on a couple hours since I put in fresh Duracells. Is this typical with these things? Garmin claims up to a 16-hour battery life!

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Even if the backlight were on (I really don't think so), it's set up to turn itself off after 30 seconds. I didn't check the battery level meter when I installed them, but they were certainly fresh. I just put in two more new ones, and I checked the meter; it shows full power. We'll see how long these ones last...

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One of the best things I have done is get a fanny pack that allows me to carry one bottle of water and I put everything I need in it before I leave the house. Extra batteries, bandaids, cache bait, ect. In the course of an average day of caching have had my batteries die in mid hunt. Keep in mind that if you leave the batteries in the GPS and don't use for a week or so it will still draw power from the batteries and run them down.

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I've got a bottom of the line etrex, and have hunted up to 3 caches on a single set of batteries, so I think you probably had a bad set of batteries. They should have lasted much longer.


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I have a Garmin eTrex Vista and use it with the altimeter and electronic cumpass both turned on. I hunted 2 caches yesterday, and 1 today. Total on time was about 7 hours, and there is still a little time left in them according to the meter. You must have had bad batteries. I'm a hooked newbie too! Found both caches yesterday, but got skunked today. That's allright though, I'm going back! Packet Rat

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I bought my eTrex saturday and used it for quite a bit on sunday. Then the batteries went dead. Ok, no biggie. I thought I had had it running all day configuring it, but today I used it for 3 hours and got low battery warnings! It sure sucks 'em. I'll go for the rechargeable batteries even though Garmin says "you shouldn't use them..." DUH & GRR!

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When the product manual states "up to X hours, they mean your mileage may very. I use NiMH batteries and have alkalines for backup because they have long shelf life. I save these for emergency use only so they stay fresh..My charger is able to use 12v power for those camping trips.....


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Welcome to our obsession!


BTWE - See the other discussions in here for a good list of Rechargables and cost. I use the $34 Maha MH-C204F with the 1700 batteries and have NOTHING but GOOD things to say about both!


Excellent value, excellent charge time, run time, and battery life!


(See other discussion started by mommy#1 for details!)




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I use an E-Trex Legend. 18 hour bat life? I have used it for 10 hours before they died. Sometimes I wonder when it gets low how effective my unit is. It's probably doing fine. I'm running down. WD


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I too have a Garmin Etrex and it sucked batteries fast. (dead in 3 hrs.) I figured that either the batteries were bad or I was missing something. Anyhow, I looked in the user manual and discovered that there is a "battery save" mode. This is found under the mode menu on the system page.


When in "battery save" mode, the etrex turns itself on and off alternatively to conserve power. It sounds kinda like a pie-in-the-sky idea, but it definitely works. I am now getting about 15 hrs. on a set of batteries.


One note though. When in "battery save" mode, the GPS isn't as accurate, due to the fact that you're not getting a constant reading. So when close to a cache, make sure to switch to normal mode.

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