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My sister in law has decided that she would like to start geo-caching. She is an advid bird watcher and the two would go together. I started out with an E-trex Vista but it is a bit more than what she wants to spend. I am thinking of the E-trex Yellow but I personally never liked that unit plus the antenna. What has most people recomended that could hook up to a computer to load the waypoints and would be fairly accurate.



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My wife and I started out with the Etrex Yellow over 2 years ago. We managed to find over 500 caches with it. Ranging from Boston to Las Vegas. We have had NO problems with it. We find it to be very accurate.


We switched to a Legend a while back only because we decided the mapping features would be nice and we got a fantastic buy on it. We keep the "Yellow" as a backup unit now and it's attached to the laptop for real time navigation.


I have no problem recommending the Etrex Yellow.

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I know it is a different brand, but the magellan Meridian Gold is a good GPSr that you/she should be able to find for around $199.99. It has the features you listed above, and will allow her to grow into it faster than she will grow out of it.


Just a thought.

I :huh: magellans. However since she's a bird watcher and assuming she's in the woods doing it with tree cover I have to agree with a reccomendation of a Magellan. A sport track map, topo, or pro would also be worth considering depending on the price.

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The Legand is has a lot of features and they are cheap right now. You can get it on line for $169 and then there is the $30 rebate.

I second the motion.

I third this motion.


I'm also a very serious bird watcher (we call ourselves birders) and believe that the Legend is a great starter unit that won't need to be upgraded if they get more serious about GPS stuff.

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