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Do You Care About Ftf Treasures?

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FTF isn't for me, though I did come across by accident. It's kinda neat being the first, but most FTF-loving people seem so competitive about I just stay out of it.


As far as the treasure - great if it's there. But honestly, some of teh best things I have pulled out of caches have been signature items related to the cache. One place had buttons made with a photo of the waterfalls nearby. Loved it! There were probably 20 or so in the cache, so they weren't 'unique' per se, but unique to the experience. Those are what I like.

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I love to be FTF. :D I've had 7 FTF's in the last 10 days including one last night at 2:30 AM. :huh: I know, it's a sickness. I traded once on those caches for a long pair of tweezers so that I can get the log sheet out of some micro's. I just enjoy being first whether there is a FTF prize or not. :D

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I have only 2 FTF finds so far. They are only micros but I am happy i got them. The only reason I got them was because Bilderback was out of town. He is FTF king around here. You try to find something before him and you will be 2tf every time. For a FTF around here he must be out of town. the FTF prize I got was a beautiful habercaher FTF token. It is sooooo pretty.

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Several of us here in the AGA (www.alacache.com) are avid FTF seekers. It's competition, but only of the most benign and friendly kind. Most of us, as mentioned above, leave the FTF prize for the next finder.


As far as the question of even having an FTF prize - yes, certainly! All of the cachers I know are trying to improve the quality of trade items and promote the game as a family activity, and a nice FTF prize does both.


See you on the trails,


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