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Cache Page Is Up!


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Thank you!!!!! to everyone who came. I had such a good time planning this event, and watching the geocachers go by. I don't want to do chores today!!!! Can't we just keep on Romping?

Bumblingbs shouldn't be doing chores.

I would like to nominate bumblingbs for Official Geocache Event Consultant.

Any seconds?

Oh yes! TOTALLY!


MGTS xoxoxox :)

I didnt' attend the event, but saw the pics! I agree!!

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The cache with the contributions made by the Romp attendants is in place. Those of you who found Romp Remnants are welcome to log Romp Remnants II as well - it's the same box, but in a different location.

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Great photo, Daniel... if that's where the new cache is, there's what ... _almost_ three of the stops on the Romp visible from the cache site?!





Yep, that's why I chose that picture.


I love that tree. I also have this picture, which I like even better, but it doesn't show those stops.




The page is here.



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