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Geocaching On Horseback

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I know that Chorse and her husband have done some horseback caching. They did live to the north of Seattle, but I heard through the grapevine that they recently moved away. :lol:


You might look up some of Chorse's cache logs, or even email her -- very nice woman, and I'm sure she'd give you some good spots.


I did remember that her #100 log was a special horse outing:


10 Peak



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Nope, I'm not caching at the moment...


But you might be familiar with the one I often do wear - utilikilts.

Well, yumitori, that just brings a whole slew of questions to mind. But firstly, I live in the Seattle area and am now deeply disappointed to have never seen one of the kilts that made Seattle famous. Something to look forward to, another sort of treasure hunt.


Thanks, C & R, for the leads. I'll check out both ideas. :lol:

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