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60c Ram Mount Suggetions Please

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I am looking for your suggestions on which ram mount to get for my 60C. I need one which either mounts via suction cup or the stick on type- the mount will not be moved once in place but I don't want to so the screws thing.


I need the mount to stand up roughly 6 inches from the base and then hold the 60C at adjustable angles.


I've checked out the ram site but have not had much luck navigating in order to find what I need.


The mount will go on the console of my boat and will sit behind my fish finder with the 60c being stationed just above the fish finder- so the ram mount will almost be hidden behind the fish finder.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Send an email to RAM as to what you are looking for. They will get you responses from a couple of their distributors with pictures of sample arrangement with costs etc. They you can follow up with phone calls to the distributors if you still have questions.


Good luck



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Go to this site for 60Cx specific RAM mounts....


I have an really like the weighted base. I also have few U-bolt clamps mounted on bikes. I use an extra 'diamond plate' for use on my canoe.


RAM is a great system, and economical especially if you have more than one use...



I have a ball mounted directly on my weighted base and use my double-link-female piece to go between the cradel and the weighted base. This gives it one more degree of freedom for placement of various heights and angles from higher to below the base plane.... works VERY well!

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