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Garmin Topo Auto-routable?

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I was reading a thread recently about auto-routable with the 60c and someone mentioned that they were able to auto-route with the new Topo software. I'm wanting to confirm this and if so what version the software is.


I suspect the person was actually auto-routing with the built in basemap and didn't realize it though I hope I'm wrong. It would be cool to be able to auto-route a trails found in the Topo map software.

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No, you cannot auto-route from your GPS with Topo. The only software products that are "auto-routable" are City Select, and City Navigator.


I know that you can plan routes on your computer through Metroguide though if you have that. But, it cannot be done from the actual GPS.

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National Geographic Topo has a service calle MapXchange. People provide routes on NG web page they have tracked to make these available to other hilkers. Depending on the area you live in, many (most?) trails used by hikers are listed. You create a route and download it into you GPS. You cannot download the NG map however, but the waypoints would sit over you Mapsource maps in the GPS.


Of course you also must buy their program to use it.


The only other option, is to create your own route over the Mapsource Topo trail. I don't see how auto-routing which is for car use, would really help you very much if you're walking.



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Thanks everyone.


The thoughts on auto-routing trails are primarily for fun but they could be used in practicality given a few variables. One many local parks and heavily hiked places in my area have hundreds of interweaving trails. Given that if you were to go on a overnighter you could use it route yourself automatically without research to any number of objects within this area. The only thing that would make this useful is if the software took elevation changes into account and let you choose the difficulty of the hike for the route.

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