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Serious Political Problem.


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Being offended by a TB or other contents needs to be balanced by the perspective of how serious the offense is. In this case, you have a pretty high score on the severity meter.


This is truely the sticky part of the issue. People can be rightously offended by things you have absolutely no problem with. Does this mean you have the right to scoff at their indignation? No. Does that mean you can't do what they find offensive? No (unless of course we have a law against it).


I find it funny that we are debating it without any imput from the TB owner ( I know... people have emailed him and such ), but until we get more imput from him, we are ASSUMING an awful lot about his intent.


I actually feel like people are just trying to get justification for doing something that they don't really have a right to do... become judge and jury of a TB. So they come here to get support for a decision they shouldn't be making in the 1st place.


I think the whole issue should have been handled between the TB owner and the person taking offense, not dragged out to the forums. The forum thread should have followed IF the TB owner decided that he needed to clarify or justify his TB (something he shouldn't have to do anyways).


***Now out of respect for the other posters (and since few people know me on these boards) I want to clarify the fact that I am in no way trying to diminish any of the issues regarding any of the autracities mentioned****

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150 posts up 'till now, so I decided to sum up what I learned within the last few days:


* the TB is physically in my possession;

* the TB creator hasn't reacted or logged in to the site at all;

* TPTB have not reacted;

* the discussion did not degenerate as much as I had feared beforehand;

* I did not get any negative mails, which is still more applaudable;

* I got the impression that the question of whether something is inappropriate or not in terms of PC seems to differ a lot between the US of A and Europe;

* there seems to be no way to "report" a supposedly inappropriate bug to TPTB.


Thanks for your concern,


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