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The Forester Hits 100 On His 50th

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The Forester was nearing his 100th cache and his 50th birthday all in the same weekend so we decided to help him out. Up and Down Mount Snowdon and then all the way around it (thanks to WildTrekker) and he succeeded in doing his 100th cache on his 50th birthday. (At least we think that's the right way round :D Take my word for it as we were there logging the same caches as well :lol:

So back to Scotland he goes and when he gets around to logging them he didn't put in the right date :o An e-mail has been sent to him advising him that an editing session on above caches is called for.



Martin, Lynn & Maddie :D

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Many thanks to all of the posters; and especially to the many who separately also sent me private and personal emails. I was most touched. I haven't got time to send individual email replies, but my gratitude is generic.


I don't normally do anniversaries, but this one became a bit special thanks to Team Mady. I needed (and received) an education in the facts and perceptions of the WelshWalesean and Salopean countryside and I learned for myself that the landscapes of Snowdonia and its environs, such as Long Mynd, are every bit as much impressive and inspiring as the places which old Vick once referred to as "our dear Highlands".


The funny thing is that I really don't feel much different at 50 than I did at 40:- except that I'm much fitter and slimmer and much better at hoofing up mountains. That is partly due to geocaching!


A senior member of team Mady, who used to go trotting up mountains well ahead of me, actually said (and really meant it when he said it) that I went up the Pygg trail "like a gazelle". My ultimate flattery was that he (who is as thin as a racing snake and holds the unofficial record for a 5k bit of the Balmoral Run around the Royal Lochnagar Distillery (topless)) was completely puffed and shagged out three times on the climbout from the Pyg cache.


Life just gets better and better!



Cheers, The Forester









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