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Ms Streets & Trips 2004...useless????

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Good Evening all,


I just purchased MS Streets&Trips 2004 for my auto needs. I was dissapointed to find out that I could not export the routes created in S&T to my GPS (Garmin 176c).


Any Idea on how to do this? I've tried GPSbabel but I can never get that program to work :D . Any other ideas?


Max T.

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Well, I *think* I am using GPSbabel correctly. I have a file that is in S&T, which I select in GPSbabel, also below it I choose S&T as its format. Then I create a new file, but in easyGPS format. I convert it. The new file is only like 1KB big and won't work in easyGPS or any other format for that matter. It kinda pisses me off that it doesn't work.


I'll try some sort of other form, or something different. I still can't get it right though...


Max T.

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You need a 3-step process, since S&T doesn't yield data that can be used directly by GPSBabel or most other mapping programs. I think the problem is that S&T doesn't directly export pushpins/waypoints.


1) Create your route and save it as an .est file


2) Use st2gpx to transform the .est file into a .gpx file


3) Now use some other program, such as GPSBabel to move it the last leg.


Take a look at the documentation on the st2gpx link, as well as in the main GPSBabel documentation. I don't believe the GPSBabel frontend will work with routes; you have to use the command line. I haven't messed around much with S&T routes, but if you need additional help I or someone else will try to provide it.


Edit: As I'm experimenting a bit and reading the st2Ggpx FAQs it's appearing that you can't get the turn-by-turn directions out, but just start, stops, and end. :D

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That GPS Utility is the thing I need. Too bad I have to pay big $$$ to get the decent version (my money has run out).


But at least I can make pushpins and then put them onto the GPS.


I just wish I could use S&T directly with my GPS. That would make everything a lot easier.


Thanks for all of the help!


Max T.

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