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Does Reset Replace Origianal Bm?


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I find some marks listed in the database like S322 and S322 Reset that are located at or near the same spot. I am guessing that the original was destroyed at some point and the original was replaced by a reset?


Am I correct? Is there any reason to search for the original once the reset is found?


Just surprised how many of these there are.


S322 Reset


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Imposter -


Usually, the original mark is destroyed when a RESET is established. Ocassionally, however, the original mark survives, and both marks are recoverable. On rare occasion, a RESET is established and the original mark survives but, subsequently, the RESET is destroyed and the original mark out-lives the RESET.


I have seen examples of each of these three situations. Most benchmark hunters DO NOT assume that the original mark is destroyed when a RESET is established. Most mark hunters willo search for the original mark as long as it still has a PID and datasheet. More often than not, however, the RESET is FOUND and the original mark is DID NOT FIND.



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Thanks. Was not sure. I have enjoyed hunting benchmarks when I get the chance. I am just moving my stuff into GSAK and recreating my list of marks I need to be looking for.


Will probably be popping in with more questions, and if I cannot find them with a search of this forum will ask :D

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