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"geocaching's Funniest Log Entries"

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Four of my very best cache hides are at Raccoon Creek State Park, a rather hilly and densely wooded area west of Pittsburgh. The logs on these caches by "ekimdam" are the type of logs that keep me wanting to hide caches. The most interesting thing about ekimdam is that he normally hikes in his bare feet. Keep this in mind as you read these logs for terrain 3 caches.


From Elves in the Vortex, which ought to have been a hike of 1.5 hours maximum if one chooses the easiest route from among several confusing trails:


<_<  December 3 by ekimdam (94 found)


Back in July I hurt my foot so I had to stop geocaching for a bit. Then we had a few hurricanes so I didn’t cache in that. Then when everything was better I though I would make an attempt at the last raccoon cache after work. I was 1 mile in the hard way (straight over the hill) when I noticed I had enough daylight left to make it to the cache or make it back to the car. So I had to come back later.

Fast forward a little and today I got off work today at two so it’s time to try again. I learned a lot the first time. One of the things I learned was where the entrance to the camp trail was. That saved me a bit of effort. Then down buy the lake there was a big big tree down which hid the trail from me. But once around it was easy to find again. I had on my new geocaching hiking boots which was good because it was wet all over. This mad mrsmad very happy as well later on. However if you have not been doing much hiking in a while you might not want to start up hiking with big heavy boots. So I walk and I rest and I walk and I rest. Then the trail splits into yellow and white dots. I had been following white dots so I kept doing so but in a short distance I ran out of white dots. In fact I ran out of all trails. There I am a quarter mile from the cache bushwhacking already. Kicked up a bunch of quail. Finally I find some trail but in still 500 foot form the cache. Then one trail ran into another so I thought I must be close to this intersection. I was getting a little tired to start looking for the trail names but the heritage trail was clearly marked. So I was back to bushwhacking 500 foot to the cache. Found with little problems well other then the fact I had to cross the stream twice and I was dead tired.


So I think that for the way back I’ll try to be clever because obviously leprechans hate us and give us the hardest trails to walk. I take the heritage trail because it looks easier. But just as I was coming round the mountain when I come. I see I am going up the wrong hill. So I head back down to the proper hill past a nice little waterfall and start looking at a buchwackup the hill. I had started my adventure at 2 and now it was 4. A hour and a half was spent on the camp trail and I didn’t want to be in raccoon park at dark and get mugged by a deer so how do I get to the other side of the mountain in 2/3 the time it took me to get there in the first place. The answer. NO SHOES! I put my shoes on my hands and my socks in my pack and run half way up the mountain. Then I sit for 5 min, Then in run the other half and sit for 5 min then I notice there is a 3rd half so I run it also and find the camp clearing I had seen the first time here. Yaaa It was all down hill from there. I even managed to quit singing about how evil elf’s where as I caught my breath and realized I would be to my car a good 10 min before the sun was down.


Great cache. Not sure I will be hiking in raccoon park for a wile though.


From The Elves Ride an Appaloosa, which follows a hilly horse trail full of horse droppings:


<_<  May 23 by ekimdam (90 found)


Nice day for geocaching. Well nice day for me. Had the whole family with me this time. Started at the trail head and started walking about .9 miles form the cache. The horse tracks really tore up part of the trail and mad a large muddy mess. my wife was not amused. I cache bare foot so it didn’t bug me but my wife did not enjoy getting mud on her shoes. But what really ticked her off is after walk .3 miles we crossed a paved road. She didn't like that at all oh no sir ree. So we decided to walk down the road to the cache since I know often the leprechauns are just mean. But as I started down hill I began to get concerned. Hiking a quarter mile up hill through the brush was not going to be fun. Plus I was going to get yelled at so we had to turn around.

I told my wife we could give up if she wanted and head back to the car. But by the time we got back to the appaloosa trail she was saying why don't you just make up your mind. Well when it comes to making up my mind the choice is easy. I pick the cache. So I head up the trail. The farther up the trail the better it get. Less horse tracks make harder dirt which made less mud. It was real easy. That is until .17 from the cache. "Honey how much longer to the car." Me "We're not headed to the car right now where headed to the cache, remember the car was that way" * I point back the way we came * Mrsmad, "Well I thought we where headed back to the car." Me, "You told me to make up my mind and I picked the cache." I thought I was going to be killed.


So we get to the cache. I point out the tree and everyone is happy. A nice signing and a quick item swap and we get to head back. We took the road back to the car though.


From The Elves Tree a Raccoon, my most challenging cache hide:


:lol:  April 23 by ekimdam (88 found)


Did this one with Team Rambo. This is my second time trying this cache. First time I had done the other multi cache in raccoon first. By the time I had gotten to this one it was getting dusk and I was getting sleepy. Now rested and ready we started from the suggested location and headed out over forest trail. Up the first hill ya we're ready to go. Then down the first hill. Ok we're not close and this is definitely not the area I was in first and to make things worse we really we're not that much closer. So back up the next huff huff huff danger fat man geocaching. Huff huff huff. So it’s not long we're up and headed back down again. $#%^#^% So I start mumbling never trust an elf in my head and that gets me up the next hill. What happened next I was definitely not ready for. Seems someone put another hill in my way. At the bottom there was the nicest little bridge which was real weird because we had already waded acrost a few streams. Team Rambo thought we should boycott it. We decided it was best to not leave the path. So we finally get there. Didn’t take a lot of hunting to find it. Having missed it once and obsessing about it helped a lot. Having found lots of other elf caches helped also.

A quick look at the final location and at the track log from forest trail and we decided to cache smarter not harder. That is after trying to follow the path that was quickly becoming a stream back down to flat land. Something which got my pants all muddy and set me up for another game I like to play with my wife called grovelling. Nice easy walk to the cache after that but we were beat. (Where’s the cache? Beats me!) Nice hide. Second I have found hidden this way. It blended real well and we where so tired looking up was hard.


This cache was at the top of my list for so long and having beat me once I am so glad to have it gone. Now we will never mention it again.


And finally, from Eeny Meenie Miney Elves, a multicache with two micros on opposite sides of a huge ridge, giving the coordinates to a final cache at the very top of the ridge. The right way to do the cache is to find the first micro, drive in the car to the second micro, and hike up the easier of the two approaches. But Mike didn't know that. <_<


:angry: March 27 by ekimdam (90 found)


OWWWW OWWWW OWWWW the elves are evil, evil i tell you.

I thought it was a great day for caching. So I have always wanted to to do the racoon caches since there right there on my list every day when i look up caches in fact if I EVER WANT A MOMENTS PEACE I HAVE TO DO THIS!!!!!


So I went to do the first cache. Up the path. I check my position right at the top to the first big hill. #$^*^%#^$*^*& ok down the hill. I take the cords write them down and take a look at the second location. .6 miles. I am on my own out for the day so no rush why not. I decided to walk the path and head to the other point. I go up and up and I am gettin hotter and hotter. So I take my shirt off and I am topless fatman in the woods nanannanananan fat man. Havn't seen anyone in a long time and no signes of others on the trail. I make it to the highest point look at the distances and then it hits me I am going to have to go down this hill.


So every step down I am thinking of how I am going to hurt the elves if I have to walk back up this hill.


Second cache took forever. I looked under over around through. I was about to give up when I see it. It took way to long but I was happy. So happy I was going to let the elves live. I take a shortcut by going in a streaght line. As I am comming to the position where the cache is there are people. People!! I hadn't seen people all day. So fat man put back on his secret idenity and waited for them to pass. No sooner where they gone but someone else came. I am sitting here in the wood wanting to finish this cache I have been walkng uphill for hours and all these muggles will not go away!!!!


Finaly I get a clear molment and I get to finish the cache. Took a pin lenfe a glow in the dark dino.


Thne just as I am walkign away tired and satisfied I look and I am STILL HOLDING THE PENCLE!!! So I turn around march back to the cache and put the pencle back.


To my fellow fat men I would recoment you do cache two first then drive to cache one you will be happier that way. Evil Evil elves. I loved every minet of it.

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My recent favorite (Mine. I'm so self-centered):


:) British Columbia  Saturday, March 27, 2004

  travisl found Hey Ladies! (Traditional Cache)     


You are on a maze of twisty freeways, all alike. It is light out.



You are on a maze of twisty freeways, all alike. It is light out. There is a cache 0.15 miles away.




You are on a maze of twisty freeways, all alike. It is light out. You missed the cache. It is now 1.8 miles away.




Exit taken.




You are on a maze of twisty surface streets, all alike. It is light out. The cache is getting further away.




You are on a maze of twisty surface streets, all alike. It is light out. The cache is getting closer.




You are on a maze of twisty surface streets, all alike. It is light out. There is a park here. The cache is 0.28 miles away




You are in the park. Gaviidae is here. He says ''I thought all caches were less than a quarter mile away.''




You cannot hit your passenger. He knows where you sleep.




You follow Gaviidae down the 'Pond Trail'. It is getting dark. You reach an intersection. Obvious exits are the Outer Trail and the Time Trail.




The cache is getting closer. No, it's getting further away. It is getting darker. You are at an intersection. Gaviidae has ditched you. Obvious exits are the Quaking Trail and the Bog Trail. Moun10Bike is here.




Moun10Bike says the ground is soft and bouncy. He is of no help in determining which way to go. He goes down the Quaking trail. It is getting darker.




The cache is getting closer. No, it's getting further away. It is getting darker. You are at an intersection. Obvious exits are north and south. Moun10Bike is here.




There are seven geocachers here. They have a logbook. It is dark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.




You have been eaten by a grue. He ate the other seven cachers, too. Next time bring a flashlight and a map.



Takes me back to my childhood, playing Zork on the Commodore 64!


Thanks...that was great!

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Three logs in about two weeks by same geocacher who finally found this cache (COMBAT)


March 16 -- found first 2 no prob...got to third no prob...headed out for fourth...terrential downpour, back to car to get changed and wait out rain...go back to third box to head out for fourth again, halfway to fourth gps battery died, back to car.....changed battery, head back to look for fourth, halfway there terrential downpour again...tried to duck outa rain, but no luck......back to car wait out rain....rain subsided no more dry clothes so head out for fourth wet...deep in middle of ...i dont know where, but started to get dark and didnt want to get stuck in middle of woods at night since i never made a way point of where car was....so will head out again next tues ..my norm day off...being i am a chef...no joy...wanted to be ftf.....hope noone finds this weekend....lol


March 23 -- ok....am getting mad on this one....started out with plenty of provisions and equipment on a beautiful sunny day about 1130 am...fig i already had a head start by finding first 3 last week.....on the way to the fourth terrible things...first fell into swamp(smell real bad) keep going..slipped off a log and cracked knee(ouch) and ripped jeans halfway down my leg......keep going, as i am determined as hell.....then left boot sole opens like a mouth and right boot sole rips almost completly off...still determined, and wants to continue...then the skies open up on me for a terrential downpour like last week.....said the hell with this one this week as i was limping back to the car saturated..maybe next week.....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


May 10 -- first; lets say "WHAT A LONG STRANGE TRIP IT'S BEEN", second; follow your instinct and not your gps arrow!! all was going well, "UNTIL" heading out for the final recon(should of followed instinct)when, first-fellow combatant went MIA(thought the enemy infiltrated and captured yet another POW), then decided to do the swamp walk(again)kept finding access across each one, all was going well till about the 3rd or 4th crossing, when disater struck, lost footing and I too went thigh high in muck(stinky muck to boot and thank god was only 1 leg, unlike my companion, whom went in with both legs). overcame the swamp and the bushwacking, and arrived at final destination alone(waited and waited and waited) for i wanted to share the sweet taste of victory with a worthy companion. to my dismay had to celebrate alone, for my companion was having technical difficulty(almost had to send out for search and rescue to my friend faux,which whom was more than willing to help) when alas my fellow combatant prevailed, despite the difficulties and loss( i feel really bad about that, for we split up, and i knew we should not have). I finaly made it through this one(third attempt) almost scot free. Word of advice do this at daybreak, makes alot easier traveling, w/o the humidity factor, or the sun at the heat of the day. Bring plenty of provisions, to keep your strength up so you dont get exhausted. And do not think with the gps, use instinct. also returned private gatormeister to his military life, guarding the final top secret location. FINALY ACCOMPLISHED, despite my previous difficulties, yeehawwww...... thanx for the expedition

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After reading this thread, I decided that I was leaving something out of my cache logs....my sense of humor. Thanks for the wake up call. So...I decided to re-visit a log I left a few days ago, and tell the story a little bit more specifically. The log is as follows...


I want to share a few lessons in my log...


1) As my cuts, bruises, and wounded ego will attest to...not all points marked by yellow ribbons which are next to a golf ball on top of a yellow stick, are hints at where you should walk.


2) No matter how SURE you are that the yellow ribbons next to the golf ball are OBVIOUS geocacher hints, it's not a good idea to tread through endless bush-filled-wet-ground nothingless, in an attempt to avoid having to admit you were wrong.


3) My GPSr is apparently posessed by an evil spirit with, apparently, a wicked sense of humor. One that, upon going back to the truck to get the sheet with the hint, decided to give us the proper leading to the ACTUAL cache, that was a good 150 feet from where it led us the first time.

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Resurrecting this old topic for the holidays. And of course, a Confession of the Frog:


A View to a Hill


Don't miss the logs following this find, either...



Well, I don't have any cutsie logs that I have written. I have a tendency to write more serious stuff.....just don't have the flair for the dramatic or humorous. Joe, that's a funny story!!!! Cheers!! Happy Holidays and Happy Caching. ;):(:)


David Green

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I've always been fond of ole Barnacle Bear and his (mis)adventures with Miss Madonna.


Log found here.



Three weeks ago an old friend from TX called and bragged on Geocashing. That guy can strut sitting down, bless his heart. He told me of Geocaching.com and 'splained that even a halfwit such as me can have some fun. Now Miss Madonna likes anything that involves driving in the car. She is always scolding me that I should get out more to get the stink blowed off...

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I think this is the strangest log we have found. It was written into the log book and dated the day before we found it. They had put the cache back just as it should have been, even to the point of adding to the cache treasures.


"Sept 3rd or 2nd, we aren't sure. We stopped to smoke crack and found your cache. Thought it was a stash or someones s*** or a dead baby. So we left a lighter and took some vibes. Have fun. We're off to find more treasure. As the sun shines may your moon be bright."

I wonder if they ever found more treasure hiding under an ivy covered log.

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"Mama, write that I peed on the ground!!"


That's funny I just wrote the same thing in a cache I did today. ;)


Found cache with no problem. Nicely hidden. Great location too, the view was terrific.

Took: Carabiner

Left: Compass

Then I peed on the ground. Thanks for a great cache!




TN-SL-POG is definitely better than TN-SL-POC :)

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August 4 by Clan X-Man (74 found)

I've been waiting all day to log this one. Ninety-six degrees outside pushing one hundred and here I sit in this graveyard trying to figure out your code. Thought I figured my letter/number combo properly and, just in case, checked it again. It was wrong. (Remember I am overheating at this point.) Three tries later I think I have it right and find where I need to go. Thirty-five minutes later, I'm about to give up. Nature calls so I need to take care of my business. I'm in the woods so, no big deal right? I'm standing there thinking "i'm going to love writing this log, "I was standing there peeing when I looked down and...". It was at this moment I happened to look down. This is one of the few things that has made me laugh out loud in a long long time. Thanks for the cache and a REALLY BIG THANKS for the laugh. TNSL left a $5 for the next cacher. Really enjoyed the cache.



The cache is safe and dry....I missed it.



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excerpt from log entry...

"I left the spot soon and was on my was when I spotted a 55 gallon barrel. I drug it to the river and tried to sail it across the channel but failed and had to go by the land route. I would have succeeded if only I had rope. I made my way back At the edge of the forest I built a monument to it. The Forest Gate to Hell in honor of the trials there and the blood I lost. It is a metal drum and some wood. At the river dam I built another of my sticks and a black and white plastic bags. "



Wow, now that is funny. :(

What happened there??? :)

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This note was left for my Band aid ridge cache almost 2 years ago and it's still one of my favorites.


March 1, 2003 by oregone

This cache was awesome--it had everything i could have asked for.

First off, I thought for sure it would off of Trask River road, so slinger and i ended up wading through various roads and an actual gaggle of ducks crossing the street before we found the correct road. Both of us had stupidly left our cameras at home for some reason. Too bad because getting a gaggle of ducks on a road in the same frame as a 'duck crossing' sign is pure gold, baby.

Secondly, i drive a honda CRX. Not exactly the best car to ascend 1900 feet in 3 miles on a scrabbly logging road, but we made it. On the third washout, the muffler fell off. I was literally dragging it behind the car for a few hundred yards before we decided it needed some attention. For all the Ford Expulsions and Toyota Aromas out there, i'll bet that 99% of them haven't seen the off-road abuse my CRX has witnessed. Just for good measure, the muffler fell off a second time on the way back down (i've since taped it down, so no worries).

This one took a while because the road to the cache was totally washed out, by honda standards. That, and slinger was getting tired of running in front of the car and kicking any rocks over three inches high off the road. So we had to hit this one from above instead of the normal below. We parked about .27 away, but we lost the trail and had to do some serious bushwhacking down the hill. I still have a salmonberry bush attached to my pants. There is an actual trail, we found out on the way back up, but the way down was all devil's clubs and stickery sprucy brambly ouchy excitement each time the 'to go' part of my etrex went down a decimal place.

As an unrelated side note, i'd like to take a break for a second and say that i had my first menage a trois just down the road from this cache. In a tent. In the middle of the afternoon. In the siuslaw national forest. Sober. I have no idea where megan and april are these days, but i truly miss them. And i'm sorry the whole sex thing totally ruined your friendship forever. But that's what you get for messing with my head when i'm so young.

Slinger and i spotted the cache right away, but we opted to forget about it for a minute and check out the view. It was about 45 minutes before sunset so everything looked all disney and golden. From way up there, even the stagnant cow ponds reflected the setting sun beautifully. The whole Wilson/Trask/Kilchis/Miami/Nehalem River valley looked like a spangly bracelet on a teenage candy-raver girl's wildly gyrating wrist, each farmhouse roof glistening like a poorly placed taiwanese rhinestone. And it feels good to stand up there and look down at everything as if the world was your metaphor, as if you could just stay up there all day and stare at the sun

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I liked this one - presents a good mental picture!!


Toadstool has long been a favorite spot for us- a multi million-year trip back in time at the end of a 19-mile road. We drove out to find the cache, spend the night, and to take the hike thru’ the “toadstools”. A few days prior to arriving, the area was hit with 4” of rain. The cache sat atop some woody stems, high and dry, surrounded by mud with a slimy make-up unique only to Nebraska. Travel wisely if there have been recent rains.

We went for a late-night walk to look at the stars and ended up in the sod house, a reproduction of the original that once stood here. While standing in the house, looking out the window and talking about the beauty of the desolation, we suddenly heard the unmistakable sound of a rattlesnake. Pointing the flashlight towards the (only) door, we saw the snake, sitting on the threshold, alerting us to his presence. Altho’ he never coiled to strike, his warning was unnerving enough for us to know that we should move on. But how? The snake lay across the only exit, with our excitable dog on the other side, and us trapped in the middle of a 10’x12’ hut. It quickly became apparent that it was the light that attracted the snake to us and that it would also follow the flashlight beam. I gave the dog a very firm “Stay!” command while S ran the light along the foundation away from the door. The snake followed but the angle of the light lessened as it traveled the wall, causing the snake to travel back towards the center of the room... towards us. After a few more well performed flicks of S’s wrist the snake moved far enough from the door to allow us our “escape”. Oh! How we laughed at ourselves on the way back to the trailer.


It would be a shame to go after this cache without allowing yourself the time to explore the area. It is both awe-inspiring and mystical. Just don’t go exploring in the dark without a flashlight and a sense of adventure! S&J, and the surprisingly obedient dog, Scarlett O’Hardin


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I was looking for a cache in NYC. It was a multi and to get the final coordinates, you had to call the cache owner on a FRS. But the owner forgot to mention which channel to use on the cache page.


So I was near the cache and really frustrated that I couldn't get in touch with the owner, when a guy who looked really familiar walked towards me. Thinking it was the cache owner (KBer), I walked up to him and asked "What's the frequency Kenneth?". He gave me an odd look, as if he didn't know what I was talking about, so I repeated it louder..."What's the frequency Kenneth?". Just then I noticed a mosquito on his face about to bite him, so I slapped it. Startled, he fell backwards. Almost simultaneously, I tripped and accidently caught him on the side of the face with my boot. He started screaming, so I figured I'd better get the hey out of there and took off and headed home to log a DNF.


This is a winner to me. I actually laughed til I cried. I could just see this exchange in the woods. You slapped a complete stranger while talking gibberish to him!!! ahahahah... Oh criminy. I nearly fell out of my chair. Good thing nobody else is working here today.

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[XYZ] is a liar's cache. Most every one of its logs is a keeper.

:lol::lol::angry: Ruined it for me, and I am *not* happy that someone disclosed that XYZ cache is a liar's cache. I have been eyeing it for my next trip to that city. I skipped it during my first visit because I was too intimidated by it. The surprise is now ruined.


May I suggest that you consider editing your post? I am sure that wimseyguy would follow suit.

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Here are a couple of my own personal favorites.... don't know if they'll make you laugh, but I chuckle everytime I read them....


Favorite one:

Log from "Covered Bridge"

The whole platoon was out today for this nice cache. We parked and headed straight for the bridge, while I turned on the GPS. Got lock easily and followed the arrow. There I stood with head down, looking at the GPS when Sgt Tiki says: Is this it dad?


I reply: No dear, let me see what the GPS says.


Sgt Tiki: OK.


About another minute passes. Sgt Tiki: Are you sure dad? Cause I think this might be it.


Me: Hang on just a second. The GPS is moving around a bit. It's just about settled down and then we'll see where its supposed to be.


Sgt Tiki: OK


another minute passes.


Me: OK. the GPS says it should be about 20 feet over that way. Right about where you are standing.


Sgt Tiki: You mean right here?


Me: Yeah... about there.


Sgt Tiki: So is this it? This thing right here?


Me: uh............. right.


Nice hide and a reminder once again that the search engine is the person, not the technology. Left three mini screwdrivers, took glass bumblebee and bat eraser.


And my other favorite:

Log from Camp Ever's


The follow up to Camp ever's ..


Text of Camp Ever's logs:


October 28, 2003 by Sgt Stitches (393 found)

Night has fallen and I have about 10 minutes before I need to be somewhere else. Camp Evers Fish Park ought to be just about right for a quickie night time cache. First solo night cache experience.


Being the prepared geocacher that I am, I always keep an LED keychain flashlight attached to my GPS... just in case I need to look into any cracks or crevices during a search. It is also ideal for subtle night time searching since it doesn't give off too much light. Of course, tonight was the first time to try out the "subtle search" theory.


I got out of the car, and my GPS turns off. I turn it on again, it turns off again. Batteries are dead. But being the prepared geocacher that I am, I whip out the spare pair and before you know it, I'm searching again. Well, sort of. The light from the LED keychain is fine if you're looking for a keyhole in a car door, but just not quite bright enough for stumbling around in the dark and searching.


So..... being the prepared geocacher that I am, I whip out the AA Mag light I keep in my butt bag. Ahhh, that's more like it. Now the light at least lights up the ground in front of me. I finally start the search in earnest. I'm within 15 feet of the cache and the light from the mini mag light is adequate to see what I am doing, but does not quite put out enough light to really see way back into some of the likely hiding areas. What to do, what to do...


Being the prepared geocacher that I am, I head back to car. I open the trunk and pull out the million candle power, 5 pound, rechargeable searchlight my mom gave me for my birthday.... I can remember her saying it might be helpful while geocaching. I also remember thinking, great light, but not subtle enough for geocaching... Well mom, you were right.


I head to where my GPS was zeroing out and turn on the light. I should have remembered my sunglasses. I was practically blinded by the light reflecting from the ground. I'm reminded of certain scenes from the x-files. I'm sure the neighbors thought there was a UFO landing in the park with all the light that poured from the searchlight. Luckily, I only had the light on for 30 seconds when I spotted the cache. I'm serious.... 30 seconds and the cache practically jumped out at me!


Mission accomplished. I probably blinded any insects near the cache, so if you see some poor insect wandering around in a daze as you are searching for the cache, you are probably near. Took bone carabiner, left alligator squirt gun


November 1, 2003 by Touchstone (343 found)

This was a pretty easy one in the daylight :angry: The interesting feature about this cache was the predominance of blind insects at the cache site. They seemed to bump in to one another and fall off the precipitous ledges nearby. It's as if they've been blinded by a strong light given to a geocacher by his Mom or something. I don't know what's going on here. Perhaps it's another Mystery Spot for insects or something. I felt sorry for the little critters. T: Squirt gun. L: Slinky

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We made two trips to Nashville,TN in June and July this year and came back dying to put out some creative caches like the ones we'd seen there. One cacher in our area, after the frustration of posting no-finds on most of the new style caches we placed, posted this to one of them: IFind Tinsel Distracting June 17 by 4agers (513 found)

This one put me over the top! I’m writing this log as I’m curled up in the fetal position in a dark corner of my house.


Sure, plain site... it is right there. I couldn't find it, but I think it was because I was muddy, wet and degraded. Heck, I had a hard time finding my car after searching for this one. Might not have found it if Indy wouldn't have come up to do a little more searching.


I did get to hand over a JEEP TB to Indy... that was one nice thing. I don't think we should let SerenityNow go to Nashville any more.


Even funnier was an e-mail he sent to us after finally finding our Journey to the Center of the Mind It contained two words.... Bite Me! <_<

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This is certainly one of the more unusual logs I've had. Noticed it on Forbidden Tower this morning.


Yes, this is very cool! For some reason, I didn't plan ahead and bring proper search equipment on the walk. Left it in the car. The only thing I had was a tiny micro light with a red bulb. Those of you that have found this can imagine how much help that was! Anyway, had almost given up when I discovered there was an area I hadn't examined. Proceeded very slowly and timidly (remember, I didn't have "proper" equipment). The box is in great condition, but I found a most interesting "travel bug" inside the box: a live bat! I can't believe that it would have been able to squeeze itself into the box. Did somebody put it there? Did it fall into the box when somebody wasn't looking? He appeared to be "plump" enough that he hadn't been trapped there. Or if he was trapped, it hadn't been very long. Anyway, he wasn't moving around much. Almost like he was hibernating. I tossed him out to an area away from the cache. I don't think he'll return. Again, I can't believe it would be possible for him to squeeze himself into the box. I took nothing from the cache (except the bat), and left a furry "Thing" doll.

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