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Travel Bug Helps Win A Geography Fair Ribbon

Cacheola Crew
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Yesterday, was the VA Geography Fair. My son entered his Travel Bug Scrapbook "The Adventures of Geo-jaguar".


The jaguar was sent out in January of 2003 and travelled until just before the fair when it was mailed back from New Zealand! Many helpful Geocachers moved him and posted interesting geography facts for my son to use in his project.


The result was a First Place ribbon in the 5th Grade Scrapbook Category and also a President's Choice Award!


Here is the TB page for Geojaquar http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=16977






He might have introduced a few new people to geocaching as well!


Proud Cacheola Crew Mom

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Woo Hoo.. way to go mom and son! One of my travel bugs is the Geico Geko. I work there. We keep track of his movents. It's not uncommon for complete strangers to come up at work and ask me about the bug..


I'm glad he got the recognition! A great way to introduce the sport.

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As a former history teacher, ain't I lovin' this thread!!?

Way to go Kiddo (and the rest of the crew.)

You do all of us, and geocaching proud.

Any plans for your next TB?

If it gets to Colorado I'll make sure to move it along--if I can get it before the rest of the locals snag it :D


Congratulations on your awards and recognition--it is well deserved!


Anne Bonney--famous female pirate :lol:

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