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Geo Hunt Grasmere Area

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I received this email from Bugs Bunny recently and have posted it here for all to see. Has anyone else heard of the hunt??




Sorry your trip to look for Two Becks Meet geocache was unsucceful. Unfortunately it is no longer in place as it was vandalised. Just out of interest there is going to be a geo trail in next months edition of Lakeland Walker. The area it is in is the Grasmere area and there will be 8 caches to find each one leading you to the next and so on with at the end a little reward. Hope this is of interest, perhaps you could pass this on.


Bugs Bunny

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Unfortunately it is no longer in place as it was vandalised.


Bugs Bunny


The cache in question GCH9E6!


Hmmm! I know that hillside fairly well from school trips in the area (many years ago!!) and the co-ords seemed out to me. If you plot the co-ords on the 1:25000 map they show the cache hidden in open moorland (ie no trees nearby) at the wrong height (473m vs 446m).


Apologies for using those foreign measurements by the way! :D


I was going to go hunting for the cache when it first appeared last year but Bugs Bunny insisted his co-ords were correct so I forgot all about it until I read this thread!


There is an old pipeline with a tree growing out the end about 192m east of the published co-ords which cachers have mistaken for the true location - this is too high being at 521m.


My theory 1 - looking down the hill to the west there are (were) some small trees at the correct height, about 100m up from the gravel path (per the cache description) and whose position is one numeral removed from the published co-ords ( N 54 32.445 W 2 59.583 ) ...... N 54 32.445 W 2 59.683.


My theory 2 - on the other side of the path as it starts its long climb to Red Tarn are (were) more trees at the correct height whose position can be transposed from the published co-ords ... N 54 32.445 W 2 59.853.


It may be that Bugs Bunny has archived the cache thinking it has been trashed when infact it is his co-ords which are wrong (he is a British Grid man and could easily have made a conversion error) and it is still there.


I like a mystery like this and will be in the Lakes at the weekend so I'll have a look for it!





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