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A Long Way From Home

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I went ~9700 miles for this cache.


I had a FTF on this one ~4200 miles from home. It was just good timing.


Just one of the side benefits of international business travel to go along with tons of frequent flier miles although the long flights are miserable, even in business class.


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I haven't gotten there yet. I'm on the road, as we speak, to FL. Punta Gorda will be the southern most spot I hit. I cached in W. VA, VA, NC, SC, GA on the way and hit one today in FL. I should get the farthest one in a few days. I'll let you know when I get home at the end of the month if I remember to.

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Furthest TEAM TAR cache is Furthest Southern Cache, in Punt aArenas, Chilean Patagonia. From the Team "Base" in Italy is 13480 Km, or 8377 miles for you americans... :back:


Maybe it's kind of cheating, since one of the members of the group spends most part of the year in Chile... from his house there is only 2200 km more or less... but the others had to do all the travel... :lol:


Acaro of Team TAR

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Well, that depends on how you count the "far"


I've done "Silver Peak" (GCH1MZ) that's 182 miles, or four hours drive and two afternoons of canoe paddling away.


I've done "Spud's Software Swap" (GCC6DC) that's 28.6 miles, or about four hour's by public transit.


I've done "Five Stops on the Road to Knowhere" (GCE34) that's 16.4 miles to the first stage, and about another 25 miles around all five stages, or about six hours of bicycle riding.


The one I haven't logged a find on is "Far From Home" (GCB710), that really isn't very far at all :lol:



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The furthest cache I have got is 10,741 miles from home, and it happens to be the cache nearest to my sisters house in Australia. I left a TB there last November, and it has now covered 21,365 miles. It's in Indiana at the moment, on it's way "Back from Down Under" to England.


Do I win a prize ^_^:P

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When I was living in Maryland, I hit a few caches while visiting my folks in Florida, about 750 miles from home.


One of those caches is now about 5 miles away from me, as I have since moved to Tallahassee, placing the vast majority of my finds over 700 miles away. with any luck, I will be moving back up to the Maryland area soon, and the caches here in Florida will be little more than a distant footnote in my caching experience.

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:P Never gave it a lot of thought, but I have several a long ways from home. Going North, the furthest is GCHPMV in Fairbanks, AK at 2890.7 miles. The furthest West is GC325E in HI, at 3167.2 miles. My furthest south is GC3193 at 426.3 miles in TX. But My FURTHEST cache is GC5E4D in England at 4670.2 miles.


So grand total, I've cached over 8287 miles east to west and 3317 miles north to south

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A virtual and a traditional YESTERDAY atop Corn Du (Tommy Jones) and Pen y fan (Virtual) near Brecon, Wales, UK exactly 3508 miles from mountaintop to my front door in Maryland. I left a Yellow Jeep Travel Bug, (the first in Wales/the UK?)

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