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Lat/Lon format question


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I'm just starting out and I'm having a lat/lon conversion issue. I'm trying to enter a cache coordinates into mapblast.com so I can get a map and figure out where to start, but mapblast won't map the coordinates because the seconds are greater than 60. My coords are

N 35 05.984, W 081 00.903


I thought they were in deg min.sec, format but I'm not understanding something because the value(s) after the decimal(s) are larger than 60 and mapblast just barks at me.


So am I doing something wrong ?



Bill, NC

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The format here is Degrees Decimal Minutes, which means instead of seconds, you get thousands-of-a-minute. To convert to seconds, take the decimal portion of the minutes and multiply by 60.


N 35° 05' 59.04"

W 081° 00' 54.18"


To go the other way, divide seconds by 60 and add to the minutes.



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Thanks. Soon after posting this I found a converter on the net and realized it was a simple decimal issue. But after converting these coords to DMS I tried using mapquest to display the location and it couldn't. So whats a good way to find a coordinate on a map ? I'm trying to figure out where to start when looking for a cache when all I have is the cache location.


Of coarse..I could always use my gps and drive it, but that might get ugly.

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On my FAQ, I talk about converting between all formats. Unfortunately, Mapquest only takes either DD MM SS or DD.DDDDD (decimal degrees). To input into Mapquest, you'll need to convert either to degrees-minutes-seconds or decimal degrees.


Fortunately, on that same FAQ, I link to a little piece of freeware from Mentor software that will do all the conversion for formats.


Lostoutdoors.com is good for topo maps and satellite images, but not street maps. Mapquest is still probably the best for those.



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