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Blown Up Caches!!!

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It was Farewell Tour. I have no idea why you would take it home and then call the bomb squad.

Look what I brought home dear! I think it's a bomb! I'm gonna throw it in the recycling and we can call the police after dinner.






On one hand, I can understand the concern of a non-cache aware person finding such an object.


That he took it home because it found it interesting even makes sense.


That he thought it was a bomb and took it home anyway befuddles me. That he even touched it if he thought it was a bomb is pretty amazing.


Now, try to imagine the cops, who bring out their robot, blast the thing with a water cannon, and sploosh! little plushies and rubber toys all over the place, and the shards of a log book :)


That's got to be an embarassing moment :D

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I suspect that the person who took it home thought he was cleaning up some trash, and dropped it in the recycling bin for disposal. Once it was sitting on the curb, some passerby probably saw it and thought it was a bomb.

The cache description says it was a camoflaged PVC tube. I can see that being mistaken for a pipe bomb. It's also one of the reasons I like to stick to clear containers for my caches.

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