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Most Popular Gps?

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I have been interested to see what people recommend new GPS buyers purchase... It seems to me the eTrex Legend is the most popular, but I don't know:


Therefore, I'd like to post an informal "Poll"


What GPS unit do you use? After a month I'll tally em up in a summary post.


I'll start off with a Garmin eTrex Legend. And no life.

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Yea, yea. Garmin 60cs. :P


But me? I had to get my GPSr two years ago and am stuck with a Garmin Etrex Vista that suits me just fine, thank you very much! B) It does more things than I can do and some day I'll figure it ALL out. For now, it's pretty much all I need. I'll borrow my friend's 60cs next time I'm in Tucson since I'm the one who talked her into buying it :lol:


I would have to be put in the anti-Magellen group, too. :P I did a lot of research before getting the Vista and I didn't find one reputable reference on Magellens. Any of 'em. Must be past their prime--which means: Watch out! They'll be out with a kickass one soon. (I love dream states, don't you?)


Good luck with your poll.

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Magellan SporTrak Pro. It has been extremely dependable. I am looking at a Garmin 60CS as a replacement, but for its excellent point to point ability, not because it will do a better job when geocaching. :P

Garmin 60CS here.


I've never used a Magellan SporTrak Pro, but the 60CS finds caches by itself. I just wait at the car enjoying a beverage. :lol:


In all seriousness, the 60CS is amazingly accurate and versatile.

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The 60C is the one i Chose, and it is a very good one.


For Caching, My favorite one was the Meridian Platinum, because that GPS worked so well. HINT: I kept the WAAS off to allow the Platinum to work much better. I think it was CODE 03, and I turned WAAS off from that screen. Also only turned on the compass at times when i needed to orient myself to the cache, then turned off the compass.


My most used GPS has been the GPS V, but it has been a very crashy GPS, low memory(I have 2 of em), and very slow map transfers.


For hilly areas, i like the Map76S, for its high resolution screen, and the ability to go full screen mapping, which i also prefer to have on the 60C.

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There is often a difference between what people use and what they would recomend.


I use a foretrex 201 and a fortuna bluetooth clip-on.


edit: I think the legend is popular right now because of the price, features, and rebate.

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Not sure what to recommend to a new cacher, but I started out with a Garmin eMap, and it's still my only GPSr to date.


I originally chose the eMap because it was about the only one in my price range that had the mapping capability at the time (early 2001). It's been a real trooper, and has survived an awful lot of abuse, despite never having been the most rugged unit in the Garmin lineup. I'll probably keep using it until it finally dies on me, but as yet, it's showing no signs of doing so.

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We have a MeriGold, Sportrak Map and 2 Geko 101's.

#1: MeriGold,

#2: Sportrak Map,

#3: Geko 101's.


Nothing wrong with #2 or 3 but we find the more features the better.


I would still take a Meridian with it's exchangable memory card over ANY other GPS out there. That feature, IMHO, makes it the most versatile unit available. Color is nice and the features of the new Garmins are cool, but it all comes down to maps for me. I know for day to day use you don't have to have alot, but to be able to have as much as you need with the switch of a SD card is great. We had almost the whole US from the Il./In. border to Fl. and up to NY. on a 128 mb card while on vacation last year. For normal use we pop in a 64 mb card- that holds most of IL., all of IN, and a large portion of KY., MI. and WI..


Don't see why they can't (or won't) put more memory in the new units, surely with 1 gb memory cards out there it is not impossible.

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My first was an ICOM GP-2, followed by a DeLorme TripMate (which I used with a ThinkPad 760-ED). I bought the Vista a bit more than a year ago, and am happy with it, and also have the DeLorme EarthMate for long trips.


I will probably sell the TripMate sometime soon... no real hurry until I decide the money from that would go (about 10%) toward the purchase of a 60-CS.

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I've had a eTrex Legend for about 2 years and I loved it. Works well. I just recently upgraded to a Garmin 60c and can't beleive how great it is! IMHO there is no reason to spend the extra cash on a cs model because all that buys you is a compass and a barometer which don't really help when caching. Actually for the compass to be usable the unit has to be laying flat which is inconvenient. Just buy a $10 compass if you really need one - I never have :lol::P

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This will probably be one of the few votes for anything in the Meridian line. I have a Merigreen with 128 and 64 MB SD cards. I'll repeat the earlier comment about other units needing more memory. I have the entire states of OH, WV, KY, IN, NC, SC, most of GA, AL, IL and parts of MI and MO on one card. Driving for a living, I need that. Oh, and that's maps and Topo. :D


Also, my Merigreen picks up signals just about everywhere (including the basement where I'm at right now), whereas my eTrex camo drops out if I hang it upside down. :)


Now if money were no object, I'd trade up to that 60c! Notice that Garmin finally went with controls that can be used without being a contortionist?

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I had an old Lowrance Global Nav. 212, when I found out about geocaching. I used it for about a year and found close to 200 caches with it.

Then I had the brilliant idea that I needed a mapping gps, a friend of mine had a Garmin III + and when ever we went caching it seemed he would always start out in the wrong direction and then double back, so that kind of soured me on the garmin line.

So with further checking I decided on either the meridian series or the I finder,

when I found that I would have to buy the accessory cord for the I finder I went with the meridian series Finally going with the gold, as I didn't think the extras on the plat were worth another $100.00 bucks.

For about the first week or so the old gn212 beat the gold constantly, then it got to be about 50 50 which one would be closest guess it was a burn in time.

Oh the old gn212 is still working even after taking about a 200 foot tumble over the Palo Verde Cliffs, all that happened to it was a star crack on the screen.

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I have 2 Vistas and a GPS V and I use and like them all. I am sure the 60 series is better in many ways, but for the money, considering the fact that CitySelect mapping software is included, the GPS V deluxe is by far the best buy. Once you have used the autorouting feature, you will not want to be without it. The V has a form factor that works well both as a handheld and as a mounted car unit. As I said, the 60 is a better featured unit, but not without purchasing the CitySelect maps. So it really comes down to money. The V will do anything and everything you might reasonably ask of a GPSR, but newer models do things quicker and in color.

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My vote for my current favorite: Rino 120 (is that a first for that unit)


I have also used the following for caches throughout my limited career:

Magellan Blazer 12

Garmin GPS III

Garmin GPS III+

Garmin GPS V (previous favorite but like the relative simplicity of the Rino for caching)


Have also owned at one time or another:

Eagle Accunav Sport

Eagle explorer

Garmin 38

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