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Gps And Heat ?,s

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Its starting to warm up here and it was very hot when I got in my truck the other day and that got me thinking, I usually leave my legend in the truck mounted to a vent type cell phone holder on the dash. My question is will the extreme heat of a hot day and a closed vehicle hurt my gps, should I be taking it out and leaving it at home?


Thanks, Todd

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I know of a cacher here in my area who just posted a note in our yahoo group about what the heat did to her gps. She has a garmin legend or vista I believe. The heat melted the glue that hold the rubber thing around the edges of the unit. I dont know what its called because I use magellans. That rubber thing had no glue after this and it just hung off the unit. I dont think it affected the performance, because she said she was able to move the rubber thing around until it lined up right and it was useable.

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just looked at the 60c manual and the operating temperatures are between 5 degrees farenheight and 158 degrees farenheight so you have a fair range there..from my own experience , i had my 60c on a vent clip mount in a minivan when we toured arizona two weeks ago and we had the 'ac' on most of the time, the unit got quite cold but it did not affect the operation or the screen of the 60c..i think that as long as you dont leave it in direct sunlight the heat should not affect it..

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