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Running With The 60cs

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Does anybody use the 60cs for running and what are the +/- vs. the forerunner 201. I currently have the 60cs for $400 and I want to convince myself not to spend another $120 to get yet another GPS. All I see is that the 60cs can't set a pace alarm or track your runs, and you are always holding this thing in your hand which is a pain, and distracting.


Any thoughts?


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The thing the forerunner gives you is real time information, rather than after the fact. Also the information is customizable for measures of most interest to a runner - pace, average pace, lap pace, distance, etc. It also has a "virtual partner" allowing you to set a goal distance and pace/time, and see throughout the run if you are ahead or behind it.


It takes automatic mile (or km) splits, and displays the time on the window. Backlight comes on automatically if you're running at night.


Also has interval feature if you run intervals (repeat 1/2 milers, for example). I've never used it yet.


Its also very light. I'd rather not strap on a regular gps, or have to carry one.


Pretty accurate too... I ran my first marathon with it a couple weeks ago. Measured out at 26.19 miles - most mile markers were within + or - 0.02 miles.


I've had it since January, have run 500+ miles with it, and love it. I use it for caching and it works great - I don't go that often, but have found all caches I've sought at this point.

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Ive used a GPS V for my Runs, ive done, also have started using the 60C for running. Doing this has worn out my old GPS V's Battery Compartment. The Plastic in the old GPS V is much more worn out than my newer GPS V, and the springs are worn too. Hard running is very punnishing to a poor GPS in a hand, so it is best to wear it near your sholder on your arm. The forerunner is a good way to get the GPS out of your hand.

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