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Making Batch Changes To Symbol In Mapsource

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I have a Garmin 60cs and Mapsource. I use Pocket Queries to get my gpx files, and watcher to manipulate them, gpsbabel to convert them to pcx and then I import them into Mapsource and then download the points to my GPSr. Somewhere in this process several of the waypoint icons get changed from the geocaching treasure chest to a scenic area camera symbol. Does anybody have any advice on how to prevent this from happening, or how to change them en masse in Mapsource. I like my current system and this is the only problem I have with it, although automating the steps would be nice. It appears that to do this in Mapsource you have to select each point one at a time, rather than selecting all of them and changing the symbols in one action. Thanks for the help!

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I would strongly recommend GSAK - do a search for it - you can set useful waypoint names, have different icons for different cache types (automatically), upload to GPS, and more without having to use so many programs. If you like being able to see the caches on a map on your PC, I believe GSAK will produce a compatable input file.

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Don't use PCX when you can avoid it. Use the mapsource output from GPSBabel.


If you don't want smart icons, use the "-N" option. By default, you'll get the camera symbol for virtuals (becuase you look at them) the toll booth for micros (sort of looks like a film canister) and so on.


gpsbabel -i gpx -f blah.gpx -N -o mapsource, -F blah.mps

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The code is intentionally garbling them.


{ 92, 8227, "Micro-Cache" }, /* icon for "Toll Booth" */

{ 48, 161, "Virtual cache" }, /* icon for "Scenic Area" */

{ 86, 8217, "Multi-Cache" }, /* icon for "Stadium" */

{ 44, 157, "Unknown Cache" }, /* icon for "Information" */

{ 64, 178, "Locationless (Reverse) Cache" }, /* Icon for "Flag" */

{ 83, 8214, "Post Office" }, /* Icon for "Post Office" */

{ 47, 160, "Event Cache" }, /* Icon for "Event" */

{ 90, 8221, "Webcam Cache" }, /* Icon for "Live Theatre" */


Some of these sound kind of contrived until you know that the icons are for different cache types and see them on the screen. (I'd have never gotten the toll both thing until I saw the icon, for example...)

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