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How Long Did You Wait For Your 'paid' Account

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hehehe, if I change it now I'll constantly be typing my old name in at login and getting all confused (this IS me we're talking about :( )...


But I might try to get clever with my avatar title... I also have a new Bucky Katt avatar ready to go, but I'm leery of posting it lest it be considered objectionable. Is a cartoon Siamese cat, um, using the sign language for "birdie" a no-no? :( It's blurred out (intentionally, part of the gag) in the comic and ran in daily newspapers everywhere...? Hmmm.... :(


To +warn or not to +warn... that is the question... :(


But, back on topic, thanks for the replies. I'm still antsy, but now I know that it's the USPS to blame if'n I get my GPX files delayed.


/Still suffering withdrawal

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It took about ten days... but the money is still sitting smuggly in my account. They got the check in Feb.. B) I posted the question of how long to clear the check and got some amazingly long time lines!

Last Thursday I sent my third check in 60 days. We'll see.


See this is what concerned me in the first place - It isn't the instaneous account activation that I am worried about. Ten days is fine (though I want my GPX!)...


I am not a rich man (sorry ladies) and I have the money now - but in 60 days after I've forgotton about this particular check... Will my bank account be guaranteed to have the money at the time they decide to cash the check? I don't know... and if the check should bounce that's a $25 fee from MY bank, never mind theirs. So, in effect, if it should happen, I will have effectively paid $55 for an account (at least), and... well... you get the picture.


I hope Groundspeak is able to process the check in a timely manner. I really do love what Geocaching.com has to offer, and I want to support it.

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You are right, I am up to $50 with 2 stop orders.

Um, stupid question.

Why not just go down to your bank withdraw $31 go to the nearest postoffice, by a postal money order in the amount of $30? And while you're there, mail it off. No need to wonder how long it will take to clear, or need to 'stop check' if it gets lost.

If the order doesn't get there (like lost or stolen) in like 30days you can even go back to the PO and file for a refunded!

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May I just point out a common problem with paying for a membership: many folks forget to specify what user account name they are paying for. Groundspeak staff do their best by asking the regional reviewers if they can associate a username with a real name on a check. But there is not a huge customer service staff to mail back to the sender with a request to provide the missing information. Help out Groundspeak by writing a cover letter or at least writing "Geocaching account name _________" on the memo line of your check or money order.


To be clear: I'm not saying that this explanation applies to any of the folks who describe delays in membership activation.

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