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Looking For "quickies"

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Flying out of Prestwick next week and I'm looking for suggestions of any quick caches I could bag on the way there (travelling from Fife). Will have Ma with me - not only has she not yet been informed of her daughters new hobby, but she also won't be keen to walk far - any ideas?

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texas connection, 20 metres from the car. fairley easy,10 metres from the car.

Vikingar... can do all the bits from the casr and most of it is 200 metres walk.


put in this post code and see what happens. I suppose it depends on how /wher /what route you are taking


PA16 9 EX






ps jings nearly forgot Mockba...wich you can reach fro the car and is very near the airport

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Loony Troons also!.... and is closest to the airport...only a 5 minute drive away..


Whilst enroute via A77, take the Troon, B class road, cut off just before the airport (not the earlier A78 one at the roundabout!) and on the first really sharp left hand bend, marked with chevrons, go right, and up the wee single track road for about 300metres....is now a 50 metre walk from car!


Good Hunting :( , DD

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Thanks for all suggestions - have my list ready and I'm raring to go tomorrow!! Looking forward to seeing how west coast caches compare to east coast ones! PS Ma is well intrigued and amazed to discover that there are Tupperware boxes etc stashed in hidey holes all over the world!

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