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Zipcode Cache Density @ 4 Miles - What's Yours?

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Pardon me if I'm wrong but isn't the area of a circle = pi² x r?


Since pi²= 9.87 then a circle with a radius of 4 miles would be slightly less than 40 square miles (4 x 9.87 = 39.48)

It's Pi * r² = (3.1416 * 16) = 50.2655



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Up until last week,


0 Caches @ 4 miles from 15626, but with the recent placement of my first cache it's:


1 Cache @ 4 miles from 15626.


Or @ 8 miles, you get 13, but two are disabled and the one is mine, making for truly ten caches.


So average cache density is .02

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Within a 4 mile radius of the city of TORTILLA FLAT, there are 11 caches for every 6 people that live in the area...based on an estimated population of 1.5 million residents, Phoenix would have to come up with 2,749,999 caches to match that kind of cache density... :D


But then again, there are only 6 people who live in Tortilla Flat.

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