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What Life Was Like Before Caching.............

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The Hughes family has only been caching for about four months now. Before that, my kids were in my face everyday talking about how bored they are or that they've beat their play station II game three times already. (Can You Buy Me A Knew Game?) icon_rolleyes.gif Or how about this one........Can you drop us off at the movies, and don't forget we need some mo' money for popcorn and the video games! icon_redface.gif


Now a days ........... I just grab the GPS and ask who is going. Nine times out of ten,

one of the four kids will go caching. The kid(s) that don't go always seem to regret it because

I always have a story to tell ....



The Hughes Family




Our feet go where the caches are! feet.gif

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Now I surf the forums, looking for any information that might help me in my quest. I get my kids outside, even in the summer heat of Houston. My husband & I have something new to talk about & having fun together. Life is much better thanks to Geocaching; think I'll get ready to go hunting now! Bye!


Fairy tales & happy trails help old women stay young.

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About a year before I started caching, I'd find myself out in the desert, along roads in these barren areas. I wanted to go explore, but something kept me from doing it.


Geocaching has broken that permanently. Even if the game ceased to exist, I'd still be taking off on the weekends to drive up rocky buttes and hike across miles of extremely loose dirt icon_biggrin.gif



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My cellphone no longer drops calls

My therapist tells me I'm cured

My boss gave me a promotion

My computer has stopped crashing

My ability to spot small hidden objects amist a clutterd background has been enhanced, car keys are no longer lost.

My tolerance for poison oak exposure is unfortunately getting better.

My teeth are whiter.

My hair has more bounce.

My car gets better gas milage and sonehow feels peppier.

My kid is better behaved.

My houseplants are greener


But..... the number one reason that geocaching has had a postive influence on me is.........

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