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Hello all i am new to this only done 2 caches using map and compass i would like to get a gps unit but which one do i go for ?how do i tell it were i want to go,can i enter the grid reffence in to the unit ? or do i still need to get to the place with a map and the gps just confirms im in the right place

Many thanks AlfieBear ( his dad alfiebear is only 6) :lol:

P.S we are in the U.K

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A basic GPS such as my Garmin eTrex Legend has base maps in it - primitive, but functional. You do not need a map at all when geocaching, but a local trail map from the conservation comission can be quite helpful.


As far as entering coordinates into the GPS, just make sure you are using map datum WGS84, which is what this website uses. Otherwise you'll end up in the wrong place.


I've not used any other GPS unit, so I can't help you with non-mapping units. I like my Legend quite well, and I bought the Topo maps that come with it.


Welcome to the addiction!

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Absolutley. It all depends on the money you want to spend. They range from anywhere, and don't quote me, for 99$ U.S. all the way up to 2 or three thousand dollars. As far as grids, no worries, I have a garmin GPS V and it has more than 100 datums and you can use Lat/Lon, UTM/UPS, Maidenhead, MGRS, Loran TDs and many other including your own custom... If you have any other questions pm me and I will gladly answer what you need to know.. Good luck and happy hunting...

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