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I printed off the list of area repeaters and the key so I could tell what repeater used what offset.

My Yaesu FT-51R has automatic offsets that go plus or minus. I changed from dual band display to single band display in the 2 M range. I entered the listed input frequencies. I set the offset. On several of the channels, I got nothing. I didn't hear other Hams signalling the repeater or the repeater call sign. I found one that where I did get some CW and an automatic voice call sign. I couldn't get anyone to respond to me.




1. The listed frequency is the input freq. Should I enter that for the frequency on which I talk or should I do the offset in my head and enter that as the frequency on the dial? (I think that I should do as I did.)

2. How do you tell if there is something wrong with your set up versus no one there?

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If you have the repeater directory, the listed numbers are for the output. When setting up the repeater as a memory station, put the output number in, tone/CTCSS/DCS if needed and then check to make sure it 'automagically' set the offset for you.


If the book says the repeater is 147.300, with a plus offset, when you key the mic the display should show 147.900 until you release the key.


If it was a minus offset, it would be 146.700 that showed when you keyed.


The offset shown in the Repeater Directory is which direction, +/- 0.600mhz your input will come from. .600mhz is the standard offset for repeaters in the 2m range. If the offset is different, it will be listed.


Usually you can tell if you hit the repeater by a 'roger-beep' or tone that is sent by the repeater after you let go of the PTT. If you 'wake up' the repeater, it will send it's callsign by morse or computer voice.


Remember, a regular rubber duck antenna may not reach as far as you want, it all depends on the area, location of repeater, output power...


Hope that helps!


Todd - K7PKT

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Thanks Cadence. I have a 1/8 wavelength after market antenna for my radio in addition to the rubber duck that came with it. I was using the after market. I did get one repeater to send the call sign in Morse code and give me the time. Didn't seem to get anyone else to respond and couldn't hit any of the other repeaters. I didn't have CTSS set as I don't know what tone to send for each repeater (I can't decipher the registry to find that info.)


Everyone here may know this, but at the Ham class, I saw a clever way to store and transport unused antennas. 3/4 inch PVC cut to length slightly longer than your longest HT antenna. 90 degree elbows pushed onto each end makes a container that can carry two antennas and the elbows can be easily pulled off to access either. Made one of these for myself. Works well.

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