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Fav Ontario Cache


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id have to say my first cache i found is still my favoriate

Emma beans "better than bad its good '

this being my first cache it took me 3 attempts to find this one and it almost discouraged me from geocaching all together. but when i found it....what a cool feeling. i still get that feeling today. too bad most of emmas caches were archived. emma was the one really who got my mind racing on how to hide caches in the "non-traditional" way. one of the main inspriations when Admiral Byrd and i hid "Soldiers cache".



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I think it is really difficult to name just one favourite.


2nd Annual Great Potato Head Multi-Cache Hunt by Spud_Potato_Head was amazing in so many different ways. It was physically and mentally challenging. The cache placements and containers were thoughtful and inventive. The terrain and the weather was something else. It was a lot of fun and very special. I would encourage any true cacher to try to get in on it next year!


The Blue Quasar's Blue Box Series is definitely the most unique idea that I have yet to see in geocaching! Honouring long-time caches, tying in the ideas of re-using and re-cycling, (environmentally encouraging, which we obviously care about), as well as the days of the week, the locked boxes and the damned tags for the combination, were brilliant. All of the caches were great and the creative story-telling was great.


The Golden Horseshoe Multi-Cacher Multi-Cache was another incredible challenge, just because it covers so much territory and so many people were involved. The work that Trimbles Trek & Flick put into the logistics of organizing it, as well as all the stats that are so faithfully and accurately updated and maintained, make for a pretty special cache.


EmmaBean's Stupendously Wonderful Cache by EmmaBean was THE most creative container I have ever seen. Absolutely brilliant!


Kiosk Trestle Rapids by TOMTEC is a favourite because it is in my favourite place in the world, it is a long-ish, but easy hike, very few people have done it and the day was gorgeous. Also, I caught the biggest fish of my life, just by following Tomtec's suggestion.


For absolute beauty and serenity of the area, I have to go with Ball's Falls by kdkk17. I really don't know why, but I was moved almost to tears with the sheer beauty of this place, perhaps because I wasn't expecting it to be much.


Finally, I must say that the virtual, Bruce Trail Break, is a must-see and one of the most moving surprises one could ever hope to come across in the woods.

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We just did Dogbreath's Labyrinth on the weekend and so far it is my favourite. I enjoyed crawling around in the rocks. I thought it was a very unique spot. Funny thing for my son and his friend, it's always the same after each cache we find.... they always say that whatever one it is, was the best one so far. So I don't think either of them can be relied upon to provide a favourite!

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I like all the caches that call for a bit of hiking or mountain biking to get to - especially the multis. At least that's my excuse for not having that high of a cache count given my length of involvement with the hobby.


There are some really good cache stashers in my area and I can recommend any cache by: Olar, Tomtec, Kismet & Ztuart, Crazy Dukes, 1701EH, RES2100 and The Ridgerunners.


As for the all-time favourite Ontario cache, that's a really tough question. Parking on the Credit, GHMCMC and Finding Nemo are up there.




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Best cache? That is a tough one.


For all round enjoyability I would have to go with...



1812 on the Niagara Parkway Tour: Part 1



Flick always goes the extra distance to ensure a great cache, but this one is his crowning achievement.


But any cache that involves a waterfall I enjoy a lot.


:unsure: The Blue Quasar


P.S. Algonquin Bound.... I am blue, stop making me pink. Your flattery makes me blush.

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