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Tb And Disposable Camera


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Could I place a disposable camera with new TB?


What would my options be with the film is full?

Could I ask that the camera be mailed back to me and then have the current owner of the TB place a new camera with the TB.


I could post the photo's on the TB page for everyone to see.


Has this been done before?

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Shutterbug Made it across the country from Maryland to SoCal.


ButterShug made it to the San Francisco area before it and the cache it was in went MIA.


Go North! Only made it a few steps from Florida to Maryland before disappearing.


I've recently confirmed the missing status of ButterShug and Go North!, and made a pair of new cameras to re-start their treks from here. A new one is ready for ShutterBug to make a return trip from SoCal back to Maryland.


I like to make new wrappers for them:

  • Carefully remove the cardboard wrapper
  • Scan it at high resolution
  • With a graphics program, redesign it however you like
  • Protect the printed side with self-adhesive laminating sheets
  • Make liberal use of a hot-melt glue gun to re-wrap the camera

These things are great fun, even if they don't always make it where they're going.


If you're really concerned about replacing the camera en route, you could probably try a super-cheap reloadable one from somewhere like American Science and Surplus, though I suspect that this might run a higher risk of pilferage, since the one-time-use guys have little value after the film is gone, and a reloadable one can be stolen and used indefinitely.

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