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Ipaq 5450 - Fortuna Bt Clip On

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I have just bought a fortuna BT clip on to go with my Ipaq 5450 I currently use it for in car sat nav. But the kane software works best on roads. Can anyone recommend a software package that would work better for caching on foot, and any that I should steer clear of.


I have looked at the links page on the geochaching.com site but the software links only seem to be for downloading software for *.LOC and *.GPX files for 'paperless' caching.


Any help appreciated.



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I have an ipaq 3835 on the way with a navman 3450. I also have a Laptop on the way with a Rayming TN 200. I'm going to try Delorme Topo 5 DVD, $60 + $7 shipping here:



...with Delorme Xmap Handheld Pro $50 downloadable here: http://www.delorme.com/professional/xmaphandheld/default.asp.


Haven't tried it yet but it's suppose to work and on the way.

I'll let you know how it works


My sister has an ipaq 3835 with a Pharos PF022 and she is beta testing for Mapadvisor which is discussed in the forum starting here:



Right now I understand they're very interested in Bluetooth beta testing. She's just started so no info as yet.


Good luck to you. We need to start a Forum topic for PDA GPS users cause I think we're misunderstood sometimes here. I was just looking for some software that would let me enter GPS Coordiantes as start and destination.


I just noticed that your fortuma bt clip is bluetooth. Contact Alex @ mapadvisorsupport. He'll give you instructions and a permanent product key for mapadvisor. Seems like a real decent person. Email is: mapadvisor@cox.net

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Lots of reviews for pocket PC caching software here-

Pocket Caching FAQ

That site doesn't address using the pocketPC as your GPS. Here's the program I use with my blue tooth fortuna clip on- gps tuner and heres another program that I liked but didn't purchase- Navigator 2


While looking up the addresses to answer your question I noticed that gps tuner just updated their program. The ability to open GPX files is a huge step towards making that program easier to use for geocaching.

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