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Commercial Travel Bugs

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I am still fairly new to this game but does anyone else feel uneasy about the direction that the jeep travel bug competition currently being promoted on GC.com is taking our hobby.

I know there are some people rabidly against any form of commercialisation of caching, I am not really one of them but I do think that this could be the first steps on a slippery slope. :lol:


Just my tuppeneth


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HHHMMMM! :lol: I hadnt thought of that...mind you I'm pretty slow on the uptake anyway so advertising is generally lost on me ...however i can see your point.


But is it just the size of the prize.


There have been mystery acches on the go where if you get there first you claim the prize which varies from bottles of malt whisky to Easter eggs.


So I suppose as long as its not some big consortium staging the prizes etc...then its still fun.


Personally speaking I dont want a jeep 4 x 4 :bad:


I would rather have a challenger tank with all the good bits still attached and in working order. :o

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Not keen on this. Though I have no logical argument against it, my gut feeling says no.


Don't want a Jeep, but I do feel that if a commercial cache is allowed then we should all have a chance. This is only available in the USA.


It would be interesting to here Robin Lovelocks views on this.


Whoops I might see the warning counter move now for mentioning his name.


A few months ago this was regarded as a subject not to be discussed. Looks like the can of worms has been opened.

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i've no problem wit them as long as they are open about it asjeep are being. i would not be as happy if it was done secretly effectively a cold call. being open means i can either do it or not i still have the choice.


hell if anyone wants to give me a jeep feel free. might not be my first choice for a car but moves rapidly up the list if it's free!

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I too, have noted that no one wants the Jeep, Well as far a I can tell you aren't going to get it. As the TB's are all in America, and if any get across here then you're still out of luck as it's only open to Americans. Unless I have gone and completely got the wrong end of the stick (which I probably have) that's discrimination, as a lot of members over here (and other Countries) have paid for Premium Membership and yet don't get the benefits of a free competition.


I would also like to point out, I certainly wouldn't say no to a free vehicle :mad:

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I confess unease about this also -


If it is so open, I guess we will be told how much Jeep are paying to use our hobby - I hope it is not just publicity paid for by Jeep - if it is, we will get every Jeep hungry American trashing caches everywhere - it will be like when AOL opened up their membership to the Internet and all the rules of conduct went out the window.


Enourmous gas guzzling 4x4s as prizes. Seems counter to the principles of encouraging CITO.


To my mind it changes the nature of the hobby - where is the trading aspect? Are cachers going to put lottery tickets in the cache when they take the yellow jeep out? The feeding frenzy in the main Jeep thread as everyone thinks they will get something for nothing is quite disturbing.


The limitation to a limited number of cachers when this is a worldwide hobby is regretable but understandable - personally, I think repeating this sort of promotion over here would be disasterous.

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