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yeah, a barrel of limes and a sam's club size pack of AA's and you're off to plunder the carribean :lol:


i have done some orienteering (basically what you're talking about, finding a point on the map via map/compass) in the day, and... it's more intense than finding a cache with a GPS. anyhow... i found out about geocaching while shopping for a GPS on ebay... and I wanted to go caching before I got the GPS in the mail... and I gave it a shot. No luck in my case, I just couldn't swing it.... I still had an -absolute- blast though. And was back to find the same cache with GPS in hand.


Anyways... I say, if you've got the patience, give it a go with the compass. You might want to try USAPhotoMaps, a progrm which downloads satellite and topographic maps... that is, if you can't buy a topo from the USGS... which are probably recommendable if you're going to try to hunt a coord w/ map and compass.


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I also tried to hunt my first cache without a GPS--unsuccessfully. Back then, I did not think about the different map datum of the USGS maps versus what we use. Also, many of the landmark features have changed dramatically between when these maps were printed and the present day. Between these two, I was sunk. I spent $80 on my GPS at Target. It's the lowest of the low (Garmin Geko 101), but I've found 107 caches with it so far.

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What! go caching without a gps? :mad:


No way, would never do it.

I'm having to much fun with my gps. B)


I have not looked on ebay, but if you can buy a new one for under $100 I would think you could find a used one at a even better price.

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I found about 7 or 8 without my GPS. I suggest you pick your targets carefully


-- Try for regular caches in small parks. I used the satellite photos and would triangulate locations from visible landmarks such as street corners, buildings, playground equipment.


-- Read all the logs and clues carefully.


-- Pick targets that have been well-visited ercently, the "geo-trails" are a big help.


-- AVOID MICROS unless the clue is SO dead-on that you can't help but find it.


-- Virtuals are do-able and there are many that don't require a camera, just find the target and e-mail some info.

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There is a geocacher out my way - WaldenRun - who the last time I spoke with him had something like 1500 or 1600 finds, and he doesn't own a GPS receiver. Aside from the other good advice you received, check out www.topozone.com for topographic maps. (Actually, if you are unfamiliar with an area, that's a good step even when you do have a GPSr - might as well plot out the intelligent and safe approach.)

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What! go caching without a gps? :D


No way, would never do it.

I'm having to much fun with my gps. :lol:


I have not looked on ebay, but if you can buy a new one for under $100 I would think you could find a used one at a even better price.

Be careful on eBay, I've seen people pay more than new price for stuff!

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Garmin eTrex is $80.99 shipped at Amazon if you shop for it *then* check your gold box. They've been running a special in the last few weeks for $10 off the normal $90 price.


If you run into any problems with the discount not showing up, call customer service at (800) 201-7575

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No, you don't need one, but it DOES make it more difficult to find cache. I managed 4/4 on attempts without a GPS over the last few days, while I wait for m Vista to sell and my 60C to arrive (hopefully tomorrow!). One of them I knew from the location and guessed where it would be, another I had to search where I guessed the cache to be for a solid 20 minutes, another I had to consult a better map to approximate location (and still found it), and a fourth I was also familiar with the area to make the find pretty easy.


It just depends on a number of factors as to whether or not you'll find it with ease.

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I’m new to pin point nav and have become interested in using the UTM system. You can use it with a greater degree of effectiveness but in order to make it work without gps you have to know EXACTLY where you are. You can download a free UTM overlay grid at:




I’m interested in using this to translate the info on the gps to the topo in my pocket for backpacking. They also sell a grid with an instruction book for about $6 which may be cheaper than buying the clear overlay to print the free download on.

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Hey, thanks for the replies everyone. I went for three caches on Sunday (two regular and one virtual.) Needless to say, I only found the virtual cache, as I knew exactly where it was. I think one of the others was gone, and the final cache was in a woodland area and I beleive I walked right past it on more than one occasion. I big thanks to the LostOutdoors.com suggestion. Their map maker is awesome! I suppose I will just try untill I have the cash for a gps (no pun intended).

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I found my first cache without a GPS device because it was a cryptographic kind of puzzle and the location was described very explicitly once you deciphered it. Of course, solving most puzzle caches only gives you the true coordinates, and then you have to find that spot just as you would with a regular cache where you have them from the outset.


Having a GPS device doesn't mean you'll always go to the coordinates, reach out your hand and pick up the cache container. It may be camouflaged to make it hard to find even for someone who knows about where it must be. Logs that say "clever hide" frighten me.


So regarding your original question, I agree with other posters that you can use map & compass or web tools to get to a location but the GPS makes it easier. After that everyone has to do the find, GPS or not.

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