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How about your own front yard?

Guest kbraband

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Guest kbraband

I'm considering placing a cache under a large spruce tree in my front yard. It would be hidden from view, and cache hunters would have to walk only about 30 feet from the street to get to it. Has anyone else placed a cache on their own property? If so, how has it turned out? Any problems that anyone can think of?


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Guest Markwell

This was approached in one of the other forums - I don't remember which. Part of the joy of caching is to take people where they might not have gone otherwise.


I thought of this when I first started looking around, but I saw that most of these caches were being placed with a great deal of thought, and would take me off the beaten path to experience something that I wouldn't have experienced on the interstate highway of life.


I dunno - does your wife make a mean chocolate chip cookie? I might consider coming by then!

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Guest Quinnow

Well not sure about your area, but there are certain neighbors that would break out with the ol salt shooter if they had someone walk across their front yard..not a bad idea but if your longitude and latitude are off just a hair, you might get a call from the guy next door asking you to claim the guy in his front yard he just whacked with the wifes frying pan!

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Guest RyckZ

Originally posted by kbraband:

I'm considering placing a cache ......in my front yard. .......


As long as you don't have neighbors. Remember that some people may be as good reading their GPS and may end up wandering around your neighbor's yard. And unless you let them know it is on private property, the seekers may be reluctant to trespass on their own, (as they should be without permission).

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Guest Anton

Your own front yard?


Okay, then you can aim a webcam at it, and we can all watch the next "discovery", too. Just be sure to post the link for your cam.





Anton Ninno, N2RUD

Syracuse, NY 13210

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Guest kbraband

Originally posted by RyckZ:

As long as you don't have neighbors.

Good point about neighbors. I forget that some people may not yet read their GPS units all that well. I think I'll skip the front yard idea.

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